I think it’s pretty clear that I’m in love with color around here….. right? I mean, the whole entire house is splattered in it. Well, of course it made sense to match my phone to my house…. and my underwear too. Just kidding (maybe). EITHER WAY, if you’ve ever wanted to design your own iphone/ phone/ iPad case, then I 100% recommend Casetagram 🙂 Not only can you tile, layer, and design your case in endless amounts of ways, but also, it’s super fun, easy, and you can pull photos straight from your facebook or instagram account! I spent longer than I’d like to admit choosing my photos… I wanted it just right and it was just too much fun. I ended up with a colorful travel theme: my trip to the Bahamas with bff Laura, honey-mooning in Tulum with handsome husband, and our family trip to California. I picked the photos straight from my instagram… and BAM colorful custom case 🙂 

Check out Casetagram:

CASETAGRAM is offering two lucky ohdeardrea readers the chance to win and design cases of their very own! Simply enter in the rafflecopter below. Giveaway ends next tuesday. Goodluck! 
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  1. I won one of these over on Lobster and Swan months ago but haven't been able to decide on my design yet! Too much fun 😉

  2. This is just the cutest idea. I like the way yours turned out, and it does fit right in with your style. Also, I was "like" # 1,500 on FB. Whoo hoo to you. That even made me feel special. >.<