Alex and I have been dreaming for a while…. dreaming about potentially, one day, maybe, possibly opening up our own family business. I’ve pinned a handful of beautiful shops, cafe fronts, and cozy nooks as motivation and “one day inspiration.” We’ve laughed at the idea of framing snow angels in leftover flour storms covering the floor. And we’ve made it a point to drive to every influential bakery we know of while traveling, even if it means, driving two and a half hours to taste a loaf of bread…. or vacuum sealing bread to travel across the united states with. We like and hope for our one day family bakery dreams. I never discussed it here, because I liked the idea of it being our own secret thing… and maybe because bringing it up, might sillily jinx it 🙂

A lot of things have changed for us in the past few months and even though the idea of it all seems further away, that dream, I think it will always be there for the both of us. In the meantime, while we work at our own comfortable pace, I guess you could say… we’re building up enough knowledge until we’re both ready to make the jump step forward.
Have you guys ever dreamed about launching your own business? Specifically a food business? Quistic is a live course and workshop for entrepenuaers to gather all the tools they need to start their own food career. The course starts Monday, January 13th (making it a perfect christmas gift) and is taught by some really amazing, kickass, and world class experts and leaders in the food industry. (Seriously the line up is amazing.)
Quistic is a 5 day course that will show you just about everrrrrything you need to know about creating your own food business. Once the course is over, you keep all the information for when you want it and when you need it. Also, theres a 100% money back guarantee, so I mean, it’s absolutely and completely a smart move and a great chance to be able to advance yourself while creating the dreams and life you’ve always wanted. I know, I’m personally beyond thrilled to begin the workshop. Alex and I are absolutely the types to get lost in how to videos and food documentaries for hours on end once midnight strikes…. We like to learn more, know more, and take as many steps as possible to doing more on our own. If you’ve (or a loved one have) dreamed about working for yourself and going out on your own in the food world, then I’d say check out the Quistic course. Sounds a little cliche, but life is short, you’ve got to make what you want out of it.

I know there’s been a bit of food overload on the blog lately, but maybe it’s fitting with it being thanksgiving week and all 🙂 I’m certain, whether its for our family or in general, I want to see more amazing, creative, and beautiful food businesses out there! 🙂

Learn more about the ‘Recipe to Retail’ workshop: HERE.

Hope you guys are having a great, busy holiday week!


  1. Thanks for sharing these tips! I am looking to get into the food industry myself, and there is no doubt that my list of essentials is a big one. One of the things that I have been considering is usin a truck fleet so that we will be able to deliver our goods to other companies that would want them.

  2. My partner is a software engineer and he often has projects that are really cool but don't really go anywhere because all he wants to do is code. We also have a dream of a family business that offers us both more flexibility. I took this free Entrepreneurship course (which is beginning again on December 2nd) and it was the perfect motivation to begin. Now we're in the midst of designing a logo and starting the front end. 🙂

    I hope you do take the leap. And I hope ours works out. 🙂

    <3 Jessa

  3. I can totally see you guys with your own business! Keep soaking up the info, it'll help you figure out either way, but my fingers are crossed that you'll be able to go for it someday.

    I really enjoyed your Thanksgiving post yesterday. I've got my eye on that mushroom gravy for tomorrow. Hope you and yours have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  4. We sometimes dream about opening up a shop or cart for popsicles made local produce. They are building a few kitchen incubators for small food businesses in our state which is so exciting!

    Your bakery would be awesome!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  5. Hey. I love reading your blog, but if you're going to have auto-play ads on it I will have to stop coming. It's really jarring. I understand the need to make $, but yikes.

    • Hey! I KNOW. I'm sorry. I actually posted about it this morning on facebook saying I'm trying to get them removed. I'll be the first to admit their annoying as shit, and I'm trying to get them out of here ASAP. Sorry again, hoping to have it fixed in the next few hours!

  6. Wow, congrats and best wishes on all your endeavors together!! Thank you so much for this helpful information.

  7. This post has really great timing! I've been following your blog for a while and I love the mix of food and life posts, and your style and openness in your posts. I have a gluten, grain and sugar free blog: that has some vegan recipes and recently I've been thinking really hard about opening a local gluten free and other food needs bakery and art shop combo. So seriously, this post is really amazing!
    Thought I'd share that I'm Mollie Mahon on pinterest and I also have a board dedicated specifically to storefronts! It's Brick and Mortar, they certainly get me dreaming and excited!
    Cheers, and Happy Thanksgiving!

    • that sounds so fun! You should do it! I'd consider it a sign for sure…. but I like looking for random positive *signs* in things 🙂 And I will def. check out your pinterest too! 🙂

  8. You two like nobody else deserve to have your dreams fulfilled.
    Have fun and take all that you can from the course. The public's taste buds are waiting 😉 xx