I’m exhausted in the best of ways. This weekend had been jammed packed with amazingness. It started Saturday evening for a birthday celebration for Laura. And well, Saturday lasted until the waaaay too early (late?) hours of the night. When I woke up, I packed up a small “just in case” bag and headed to Miami for Lily’s birthday party (round two)… aka my second time driving to miami this week! We partied and played all day in Claudia’s gorgeous home with her amazing family and friends… and opted for a sleepover night for more morning and afternoon play. I love these weeks and weekends, filled with easy, stress free, and ridiculous fun. And most importantly, packed with amazing people, of course. We stayed the one night…. but really, we would stay forever (“forever and forever” -Marlowe) if we had the choice. I’m so grateful for the friend I’ve made in Claudia (Will too!) and the friendship Marlowe has made with Lily. This blog has been awesome to me for things like that… meeting amazing people near and far, that I wouldn’t meet otherwise. (Thanks internet, you rock.) I always leave Claudia’s house inspired to add more to my home. More paintings and prints that have been packed away, more pots that need painting, more art that needs making. It’s a different, but nice feeling to want more…. of things I can do and make with my own hands. I like that inspired feeling. I also leave Miami with a big smile on my face… because it’s just too amusing the way Marlowe always (ALWAYS) says, “But mama, I want to go back to your-ami and play with Lily!” I’ve tried to explain Miami vs. My-ami  to her once and failed… but really, I guess it’s pretty sweet that she thinks Miami is all mine 🙂 

THIS post?? Crazy how much these two have grown! I love them so much. 
-Claudia’s house reminds me of THIS PLACE, my dream yard… in such an old post with people I miss so much (too much)!
-Ps. Last day to enter our giveaway 🙂 
Happy new week, friends. I hope your weekend was awesome! 
And yes, the tiger on the bed is fake. Oh, an if you spotted the iguana… he’s fake too 😉 


  1. such a gorgeous home! looks like you had an amazing time….and the tiger pic! i did a double take when I saw that on IG :).

  2. Beautiful pictures! I was scrolling through thinking, wow that's gorgeous and so is that and that… wait, was that a tiger? Thanks for keeping me on my toes and being such an inspiration.

  3. we love you girls. i was tired too but also in the best of ways. nothing a good long night sleep couldn't fix. i can't wait to see what that street art ends up looking like! xo

  4. I went back to the posts you highlighted and Marlowe is soo little there, her hair not even half the length she's sporting now. So cute little lady. And what a fab place, I'd love to get lost in there. I bet there are endless treasure hunts and lots of girlie talk. xx

  5. Looks like your girl had so much fun! I would be so happy if I were her. Surrounded by many friends and fun activities. 😀

  6. I laughed out loud when i read this, because my now 9 year old, when he was three called Miami. Your-ami ! So cute.