I’ll tell you… it doesn’t always feel like christmas is this eighty degree heat, but I am so in love with these photos.

angry reindeer.

that tree in that magic ball.


she learned how.

an awkward photo. but so in love with her motions and her excitement “look at this tree, mama!”


I didn’t realize how close and coming Christmas is…. 9 days? When did that happen? I mean, we JUST decorated! Maybe it’s my own fault for not decorating sooner…. shh, whatever. We do things slow and late around here. It’s a little bit crazy to me that this will be our third christmas with Alex. With all the ups and downs and back and forth’s, I don’t know how we managed three, but it’s pretty cool. I’m so in love with our first set of holiday photos together…. it’s honestly one of my favorite posts on this whole blog… which is funny, because I’m typically not a big christmas person… but I feel like it’s growing on me a little bit or at least parts of it. It’s mostly to create memories for Marlowe and not so much for ourselves, but it’s good. We all like it.
Also, we totally got a tree this year. With the house being so new and everything out of place last year, it just didn’t fit into the plan, (though I totally loved our chalkboard tree) but this year we got one again. Third christmas, second tree. I think the cooler weather helps. We’ve gone back and forth between “cooler” days and eighty degrees for about a month now. The slight temperature change puts a big change in my mood… any day that I can turn off my AC and open the windows for cool air, I’m extra happy. And at night when the house is clean, the christmas lights are on, and we can open the windows to let the florida breeze in, it’s especially perfect to have christmas in south florida. Perfect for me anyway, I’m completely content in the tropics, admiring the snow through everyone else’s pictures 😉



  1. That picture of Marlowe in between the Christmas trees is my absolute favourite. My mum always made us wait until a week before Christmas to decorate, and now I still don't have decorations up !! I'm aiming to do them by the end of this week ! 🙂

  2. Short story: I don't really remember how I first came across your blog, but it caught my eye because of your name. We happen to share the same first name though only those very dear to me call me Drea. Anyway, that's where it all began and since then, I've made reading your blog a habit. I check it every day, sometimes several times a day. Sometimes I look at the pictures first and read later…Sometimes I go to your archives to see what I've missed from before I found your blog.
    What I'm trying to awkwardly say is that I love your blog. I've fallen in love with your blog and your family. I'm not a mother and I don't share your same lifestyle, but I find you very inspiring. I so appreciate the honesty with which you conduct this blog. You are thoughtful, kind, and articulate. Keep up the good work. You are loved.

    – Andrea

    • ^^ I agree with everything Andrea says. Well except that my name's not Andrea, I just really like your blog 🙂

  3. It looks like you're having a good old southern hemisphere Christmas 🙂 I've never had a white Christmas.

    • I don't know if I've really had a white christmas either… maybe one? I grew up in snowland, but spent every christmas with my dad in florida 🙂

  4. i love these photos so much. especially "the awkward" one. marlowe's expression is so full of wonder and delight.

  5. That second picture is… just beautiful. Please print it out and frame it and cherish it forever. As for the Florida weather… I am counting down my days move from New Jersey to Florida. Sadly it's still 3 years away….. but your blog makes me even more excited! Beautiful photos, as usual!

  6. You have such a sweet family….your pictures today capture so much love and happiness between the 3 of you….love it!!!