Has everyone had enough of this holiday weekend? No way, jose. It’s been awesome. Every single day this week felt like friday for me. And not black friday, because that mess was (and always is) a joke, but like, an awesome, relaxing friday. In case you missed it, after the black friday mess, there is “shop small saturday”…. or is it “small business saturday”? …. either way, whatever kind of saturday it’s supposed to be, I think it’s pretty (very very) important to try to support smaller businesses as much as you can. Ya know? Yes, sometimes buying from smaller shops can be a bit more expensive, but supporting a small business, is supporting someone’s dream…. and that’s pretty awesome. So whether its friday, saturday, tuesday, or an alternating wednesday, supporting small shops and artisans is good.
I’m going to try to share and introduce more small business’ and hand-crafters while this buying season is going on… I hope that’s cool with you guys.

Miss Marlowe Paloma recieved this new little gorgeous polka dotted babe in the mail from the sweet and kind handcrafter, Rhianna of Lovely Ones Shop. Rhianna is a 26 year old, work at home mom of 10 month old TWIN girls! She was in the process of starting her own children’s line when she found out she was pregnant… so bam, elephants! But hopefully clothing in the future, yes?! :)If you haven’t noticed the pretty apparent elephant love going on in these photos…well, M is in love (heart eyes) with her new lady, dotty (she named her herself). And so am I. I had two stuffed elephants that I LOVED beyond belief growing up. Same elephant, two different colors, just a tad larger than M’s new elephant… and holy cow, I could not live without those things. I think and hope they are still tucked away, somewhere in some chest, but I’m not sure. So to see M, now running around giving extra love to this babe, well, I’m pretty damn excited… and I have heart eye from her heart eyes.

If you’re looking for the sweetest, handcrafted gift for someone you love in your life (or maybe to donate to a child in need?!), then definitely check out The Lovely Ones Shop. All the patterns are just so gorgeous (and the prices are good too!).  Also, in honor of shop small saturday, cyber monday, and whatever other awesome reasons you need to support small online shops, you can use discount code: OHDEARDREA15 at checkout for 15% off your total purchase 🙂
My (other) favorites:
Also find Rhianna:
and of course, don’t forget her beautiful shop.
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I hope everyone had a laid-back, family filled weekend. I turned off and unplugged for almost all of it. No camera, nothing. It was amazing. Hoping to turn it all back on for Art Basel and other goodies this week. Also, check out Marlowe and Jerry’s clothes! It’s been cold (and oh so very wet)! Happy Monday, friends 🙂


  1. I love your delight in the simple and beautiful and handmade. Thought you might enjoy some angels at the DharmaCollective on Etsy.

  2. Thank you for this blog post – I ordered my niece a Christmas elephant!

  3. What a lovely post Drea, I love the idea of supporting someone's dream. Beautiful. And how big that little girl of yours is getting. She always looks so happy with life.

  4. You are so right! Small businesses are most definitely run from the heart! I love having my whole family involved in making my little business successful! Happy Monday!