My mom took this set of pictures while Alex and I were away on our honeymoon, six months ago. I never shared them. I actually have quite a few posts from our honeymoon, our massachusetts trip, and whatever else that I just never got around to posting. I’m not sure why that happens, it’s never an accident or an oversight… I just skip over them. I’m happy I saved them all together though. I’m in love with these photos. Marlowe still talks about this week and our trip a lot. She had a blast. A whole set of memories that I wasn’t around for and she experienced on her own… that I can now look back on and enjoy. A simple pleasure. It’s pretty cool 🙂

M’s outfit: here

M’s outfit: here

My dad took this last photo. Him and M have an in joke about lizard smoothies. She loves them 😉

A lot of the activities pictured are from the activity bags I set up for M. Needless to say, they were a huge hit. I’m pretty happy I spent the little bit of extra time setting them up for her and my mom. Also, she’s eating artichokes…. she used to love them. I made some last week and she was almost gagging at the smell of them! She still eats just about everything else (except for peanut butter?!), but it makes me nervous that her little taste buds might be changing. What a (completely normal) bummer that would be. Fingers crossed its just artichokes. She’s growing growing. Crazy how much six months can change a growing little girl….. or three years. Even the difference from these photos to 3 months later, on her birthday. She’s like a whole new human. Phew. Time keeps going by. 

Have a great weekend, friends! 


  1. What a cutie patootie!! I've always found her to be an adorable minnie-me version of her beautiful mom, but, maybe it's just because he's in more of the pictures, I see Alex in her more and more. You have a beautiful girl, inside and out!

    Also, I hated pb until I was 19, then fell in love. It's okay if she doesn't like it, apparently giving kids peanuts or honey before they're 5 can cause nut and honey allergies?? Maybe just something my neurotic sister insists on. You can always try almond butter or sunflower butter or mmmm macadamia nut butter, as they're creamier. And no human can resist honey roasted pb.

    • I've never heard that. Only to not give them to kids before two just incase they do have allergies.

      I'm picky about peanut butter—- like I hate it with chocolate. I dont like jelly. I just want straight up peanut butter on bread. Only now, at 28 do I enjoy honey on there too 🙂

  2. It always amazes me how much they change in just six months. The chubby little babyness disappears, bit by bit. The last photo is wonderful, just wonderful. I love the superhero cape as well, worn with such nonchalance. She's a lucky little girl having a doggy of her very own. Mine littlest boy would love, love, love one, but I don't see one in his future any time soon unfortunately. If he did – never would a dog be so loved

  3. Can we just talk about how much that little dog adores her?! Kills me every time I see a photo of the two of them.

  4. Can we just talk about how much that little dog adores her?! Kills me every time I see a photo of the two of them together.

  5. I loath the changing of the taste buds. I feel like they start eating everything and anything, and by six we there is nothing left but strawberries and cheese.
    Marlowe is such a beautiful little girl, I might have hair envy.