Marlo &Marlowe (&Lily)


photo stolen from claudia.

photo stolen from claudia.

photo stolen from claudia.…. also…. I can hula hoop? Whatttt. Never thought I could before. 

It’s been a non stop flow of rain in West Palm for a good two weeks or so now. But in Miami? The sun was shining and the weather was perfect yesterday. We roamed the streets of Wynwood, picking out our favorite walls while artists set up for the crowded and people filled weekend ahead in Miami. I don’t know if Marlowe will experience the real Art Basel this year, but the set up time was just as fun and maybe even better with the two little girls. Not one complaint out of either of them. Happy to explore, admire, make new friends, ask for pictures, climb and play, with no problems at all. It’s nice, really nice, to be able to allow Marlowe to explore and experience the art world (and every world?!) around her. I like her being able to handle (and be awesome in) these situations now, at three, and grow into them. 
Alex came home early from work last night and sat down next to me while I was uploading the photos from our day. He looked through them and said, “it’s funny, the girls just look so much in their element.” It’s true, isn’t it? I can’t speak for Lily, but I’m almost positive she chooses her own ridiculous outfits, just like Marlowe…. and we love it. It’s not news to anyone that we live in a world of color, pattern, and paint. We live it and breathe it over here. Art time, is a must on our to do list, everyday. Art trips started when she was just a few months old. Also, the girl is (still) set on becoming a fashion designer— has her mind completely made up at 3 years old, “I want to be a fashion designer!” I hope she always loves the arts— all types— but if you’re around her for more than an hour, you start to notice a certain building trend: she builds with everything. The girl lives for structures, big and small, she likes and needs to build. I’m looking forward to watch her art and her self develop to see who and what she becomes in this world. 
Thanks for letting me steal some photos, C. And thanks for being my awesome &mutually weird and art loving friend <3<3


  1. this looks amazing! i'm jealous you can hula hoop. i cannot. i always loose when we have our contests and the kids think it's hilarious.

  2. I love how colorful these pictures are! Art is so amazing and inspiring at any age. I've painted since I was little and hope I always do.

    Also, I love how long your hair has gotten! It's a good look for you.

  3. Happy exploring!
    A little girl's dreams are made of the world around her. The more colourful and fascinating, the better. xxx