Oh yellow couch, how I love you so…. I think it’s pretty obvious by looking at it, that I bought my couch second hand. I wonder about the history of the couch… the people who owned it and the room it was in. It was shining bright and new when I bought it… with only one little tear on the right. A tear, that Marlowe likes to stick little friends in. Now, three and a half year later… it’s fading (the couch, not the tear). The previous owners obviously didn’t love it and use it as much as I did…. or maybe they loved it more and cleaned it regularly… or maybe they just didn’t have a baby/toddler and a dirty little dog on it. A couch I have so many memories on… that I love, and that I never, ever want to part with. Did the last owners not want to marry the couch like I do?  I’m not sure… they parted with it instead of wearing it to the ground like I am. But for whatever reason they gave it up, I found it (or did it find me? it loves me too, I swear), and it fit perfectly in this home (and my last home) the entire time it’s been here. I’ve built memories on this couch. I’ve gone into labor on this couch. I’ve nursed on this couch. I’ve watched Marlowe grow on this couch. I’ve kicked my feet up and done nothing in joy on this couch. I’ve celebrated with friends. I’ve cried. I’ve laughed. I’ve ate multiple dinners. I’ve written 75% of my blog posts on this couch. And I’ve cheers to all the joys in life on this couch. And I’ve sat back… on the opposite side of the room from the couch and I’ve admired my own space and how perfectly this couch fit into my life and my home. Silly maybe, but this couch has been a big part of my life… a 50$, second hand couch.
Buying second hand is really great. Maybe not ideal for everything in life, but it’s really great for a lot of things. Most of Marlowe’s baby wardrobe was purchased second hand. A LOT, not all, but quite a bit of the furniture in my home has been second hand. Dishes, rugs, paintings, frames, mirrors, so many things, all found and pre-loved by someone else. Don’t get me wrong, I love finding new shiny pieces from amazing shops, but if I can find something second hand, then why not do it? Buying secondhand is typically inexpensive. It can be really fun. You can find a lot of one of kind and unique pieces. Antiques are awesome. And one of my favorite reasons—- the one I enjoy most, it’s great for the earth. It’s hard to find and buy eco-friendly pieces all the time— but buying second hand absolutely is eco-friendly. The furniture, its made… It’s already a live and there, waiting for a home, so no extra work or energy has to be put into building something new. And typically, the longer ago it was built, the better quality of work and material was put into it (they really don’t build products like they used to). But whether or not the item is old-old just old, buying something pre-loved instead of creating a demand for new goods (and using up new resources) is really good for our earth. I like this earth. I want it to be a green and healthy place, so even if it’s just little steps, like searching for good looking second hand items before new items, I do it…. and then I create new memories with it 😉
ps. If you look at the top photo…. everything in the picture has been second hand, with the exception of the two ottoman pieces to the right.
pps. Australian friends, have you heard of or checked out Quicksales Online Classifieds? It’s a great resource for buying and selling second hand. And it’s FREE to sell. That’s crazy (crazy awesome).
Also,  I really should have been more strict about dirty feet and dirty dogs on it. I know we’re not supposed to hold material things to such importance, but some pieces are just special and I’m probably absolutely going to cry when it’s time to give up that couch.


  1. Get it reupholstered! Then it can stay in your home and your life forever and you can put whatever fabric you want on it!

  2. I love that couch and hearing about all the memories you've made with it. I love that you buy second hand, too. It's great to give old things a new home 🙂

  3. That's a really great post, Drea; it would be wonderful if everyone could think more about the energy of the earth that has to go into making new and disposable STUFF. Nice inspiration. x

  4. i love this! i have a bright yellow floral couch that i found secondhand, too. and i feel exactly the same way about it.

  5. i love your bright yellow couch, too! it's so amazing when we are able to find such precious items second hand.