You guys know I love house stuff, right? I do. I really really do. I will buy something for my home over clothes, beauty, whatever things. Give me vintage, used, consigned pieces, new pieces, modern pieces, I don’t care, just give me beautiful pieces. And more than beautiful pieces, I want unique pieces. I want pieces that are not only functional multi-taskers (no uni-taskers allowed! it’s a strict-ish house rule), but that people will want to stop and look at…. because I don’t really want or need something taking up space, that I’m not completely enamored with. You know? I mean, if it’s beautiful enough, then maybe it’s doing two tasks… right? 🙂 Does that make sense? I am in love with Viesso. It’s fun, modern, unique, they have eco-friendly/green furniture, and custom (!) options. Really, it’s a beautifully curated site filled with too many awesome pieces.
The carafe pictured above, well one, let me start off by saying that I convinced Marlowe that I was able to put a christmas tree inside of it…. by magic of course! And me being able to convince her of that, it’s impressive… she doesn’t fall for much (or it could be that I’m not worlds worst liar, but whatever). She was impressed by my magic. Then, seconds later she asked if I could put something else inside….which of course I couldn’t… but still, the christmas tree looks damn good in there, so she was still impressed nonetheless. And two, the carafe is on sale now 🙂  Also, if the amber color isn’t your thing, they have a clear one too…. but I’m not sure if you can fit Christmas trees in the clear one… so I personally am liking the amber 😉
If you’re looking for some really beautiful pieces to add a bit of fun (and maybe a few conversations) to your home, Viesso might be a solution 😉 Especially the eco-friendly section (we like eco-friendly, obviously) and the custom furniture section too.
I’m in love with: these bulbs, this runner, this rug, this rug too, this carafe, &&&this chair!
Discover Viesso:
Happy monday, happy nine (?) days til christmas, &happy shopping 😉