Six months ago, we surprised a fair amount of people by our elopement-marriage announcement. That day seems like a lifetime ago now… but really, it’s been a short trip. I like halfway points. They always seem celebratory no matter how big or small the event may be. Regardless of how long it’s been, it’s amazing to look back through what we’ve gone through to make it here. It’s not always perfect here, but we’ve made it tremendously far with our battling personalities and sometimes self-inflicted struggles. I know some of you have been here from the beginning— the very rocky and hard beginning— and have seen many of our wars— the intense ups and downs, my pain, my joy, most of it. It’s been a lot. Some of it even pains me now to read or think through… but it’s always a helpful reminder to how life is real and love and hard work can get you far. Six months into marriage, but really, six years of work to land us here in a warm, comfortable, and happy place. A place where we can be in love with our life, our family, and each other.
I warn you, this video might be boring to you. Mostly beach and driving scenes throughout our trip, but still I regret not filming more. I rarely film anything, but if I could go back and do it all again, my camera would be on excessively. It’s nice to look back at the simplicity of it all and dream. 

Completely by accident, tonight will be our first date night in two months, perfectly landing on this six months of marriage point. We’re not completely sure what our plans are for tonight, but regardless, I’m looking forward to this time, our few hours away together. 
Speaking of date nights, I don’t think I ever mentioned how Alex actually proposed the second time. We were on THIS date. The server at our restaurant came over to congratulate us, telling us he had seen our announcement in the paper (not true), before Alex even proposed, spoiling the surprise. Alex was mortified. I was confused. for the rest of the time, I half expected a newspaper to come to our table to a proposal. Not long after, and midway through a ridiculous (in a good way?) performance, the host announces congratulations to birthdays, anniversary couples, and new engagements. And Alex? Stands up, in the cheesiest place possible, in a room of 600 people, to announce to the entire crowd, that his proposal hasn’t happened yet. He turns to me, and asks, again. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate a second proposal to the same man. Haha. Luckily, Alex knows me well enough to have planned and made clear, I would not be brought up on stage 😉 Ridiculous and perfect for us. In the same way, how eloping was perfect for us. Six months and six years later, it’s not all perfect, but in the end, the outcome of it all has been good to us. 
our elopement/wedding photos here.
our first engagement here
our honeymoon photos here
Happy wednesday, friends. Enjoy your rocky or perfect paths 😉 


  1. Ah, revel in the imperfection for that is where perfection is found. Congrats on six months of marriage and six years of sticking it out. 🙂

  2. This is a beautiful post and each scene from your short film whispers how unforgettable honeymoon it was. Glad to see you happy xxx

  3. Congratulations to you both Drea. The movie is beautiful. You can never have too much film/too many photos I think.