I’m almost getting all my ducks in a row over here…. almost. Not quite. I mean, the garden? It’s coming along awesome. I’ll be posting a mini DIY for the garden beds soon… I know a few of you have been asking. The house? Well…. oof. It feels clean as the mess moves and then it moves again, but then not quite enough…. soon soon soon. Patience. I’ll be hosting another IG sale soon for those who are interested. Mostly Marlowe’s clothes again, some homewares, some of mine and some other odds and ends. Maybe even a tapestry or two, if I can bring myself to part with them. (@shopohdeardrea on instagram). Also, tomorrow is the first(ish) day of a new adventure I’m trying out. Figures crossed it all works out. It should, but fingers crossed just in case! In the meantime, I decided to scroll through the year and pull together some of my favorite posts, links, diys, and recipes from throughout last year. It was a lot of fun for me, and hopefully you’ll enjoy it too. Well, this is the first part anyway. The whole year was amazing, but scrolling back, I think I enjoyed May, June, and September the best 🙂 Also, to start…. here’s a list of some of my favorite things from 2013 🙂
(things on toast)
This one will always be my favorite.
Favorite books this year:
a beautiful coffee table book
Favorite beauty products:
it’s magic for my face

A fair day such a fun day.
A staycation with a mystery man (ahem handsome alex)
I totally forgot…. I tried and quit no poo. Screw hardwater. If you have hard water, get THIS stuff. It’s amazing, that and a rinse of apple cider vinegar is the only thing that works for me.

Chocolate chip scones. Need I say more?
And speaking or purging and cleaning and organizing and all my crazy nonsense…. how did we spend Valentines day? Cleaning of course. I need another one of these days. It’s nice to look back and see how far I’ve come with this place! (keep going keep going)
I pulled Marlowe out of daycare. Tough decision, but it’s nice not paying for her to get sick, it’s nice spending my days with her… because I’m lucky enough that I can right now and soon enough she’ll be off to school and I won’t be able to anymore. Also, she’s only been sick really one time since then, while traveling, so that’s been a HUGE improvement in our lives. Good, tough call.
conquered the yard… a whole lot of it anyway.
Traveling and like bars? A South Florida drink/bar guide.
A girly beach party. Must do this again soon. Or sparkle party 2.0, right Marissa?
Alex proposed (a second time) and it was ridiculously awesome. First time HERE.
My favorite brunchday post. See all brunchday posts HERE.
Marlowe, the tiny dancer. Cutest thing ever.
Marlowe’s room tour! …which is actually getting a makeover AGAIN this week.
Probably the most ridiculous game EVER of hide and seek.

Disney World. A first time for Marlowe. I cried.
An obviously (VERY) important post….. it’s about pizza.
A long winded, random thoughts post about finally figuring out my time-balance, learning to parent with a partner rather than alone, how certain parts of being a single mom can actually be easier (yes, I said it), and a million other trailing thoughts in my head.

A vegan bahn mi sandwich! MMMMMM. I can’t put enough emphases on the word “MMMMMM”
A four ingredient healthy “chocolate” smoothie. We make this at least weekly, but want it daily. And right now. And tomorrow.
How to cut and cook an artichoke. May was a fun and delicious month.

Hi! We eloped!! See more photos HERE!! <3<3<3
Tulum, Mexico: jungle side!
Tulum, Mexico: beach side!
Activity bags for Marlowe while we were away on honeymoon. So fun, so smart. Also great for new moms, rainy days, sick days, etc etc.
I love you, 2013. You were awesome. Overwhelmed (in a good way), but happy I did this. Part two soon. Happy new week!


  1. How to cut and cook an artichoke was my favourite post because I use that knowledge all the time now. My favourite sauce is to cook some garlic in vegan butter, then I mix in lemon juice, soy milk and a bit of vegan mayo. I just love artichokes. I never had them before last year.

  2. Great recap 🙂
    I got married in 2013 as well! And in 2014 we are expecting our first little one!!
    And your living room….so adorable/gorgeous/perfect/just what I've been wanting to do!

  3. I loved all your posts throughout the year, Drea, thoughts that brought closer or made me think, food I never got round to copy but wished to have a bite nonetheless.
    I'm happy 2013 was a year dear to your heart and cannot wait for what 2014 has in store for all of us. I'm still around cheering you through good and blah. I like this place a whole lot xxx


  4. I loved that March garden post (and the amazing, wonderful photo) so very much. I found it inspirational, for life, not just gardening. The wedding photo is incredibly beautiful as well, you looked stunning. It was a good year Drea, I hope the next one is just as good.

  5. Parts of being a single mom are easier, yes! Sometimes I say that out loud to friends & they get a weird look on their face. I was left doing most of the work when I was with my daughters dad, but now I'm doing all the work but it's my way! (with the help of my wonderful, supportive family)

    I'm glad you had a great year! I wish you & your family a lifetime of great ones! Also, I can't wait to see your future posts. Keep 'em coming!

    – Alexis, 25, MA