Part two. Following part one January through June. It’s been really, really great (for me) to look back on all these posts. Makes me want to get crazy and scroll back through even older posts. It’s crazy some of my own posts I sometimes stumble upon that bring up so many emotions and make me go “whoaaaaa, I forgot about that.” I stumbled upon this “home” post tonight. From a few days before Marlowe turned two and a day before I received notice that the offer on my new house was accepted. Almost a year a half ago. It feels like a lifetime ago. 2012 was hard. 2011 was hard. But each year has gotten forever better. And if things continue like they did last year, I have nothing but reasons to believe that this year can be amazing too. Thanks for being here. Thanks for supporting my blog, my family, my goals, my everything…!


Had such a blast making this fourth of July party. Need more (pool) parties (all the time).

Marlowe’s first haircut (bangs!)

A strawberry tart recipe. (I think, I’m pretty sure, but I could be wrong, but it might almost be strawberry season in florida.)
A weekend filming for a documentary with Chris Wiegand.
We loved every bit of our California trip. Even packing wasn’t so bad.
Check out different bits of our trip:
A day trip to Napa
&Roadtripping to Monterey
 Some of my favorite set of pictures (of recently enjoyed things).
And this set of pictures too (more from California)
 How could September not be my favorite? Marlowe’s BIRTHDAY! She’s the coolest three year old ever.
And her rainbow butterfly sparkle party, that was amazing(ly colorful) too!
A canoe trip! Honestly, I’ve thought about stealing my dads (never used) canoe…. but where does one put a giant canoe? And how does one transport a canoe on top of a teeny two door car? I’m going to have to work on that plan a bit more….
A maca recipe to fix your hormones. Here’s an update for those who have asked: I’m still loving it. I’ve gone from using it every day to once a week or so after my cyst issue in my ovaries… but the cysts in my breasts are still smaller and my periods are SO much better. Two days of more than manageable pain, instead of five days of DEATH. Yes, I am pleased.
Caturday with Marlowe.
Tips on traveling with a toddler… I’m an expert by now.
September was busy and awesome.

So many recipes!
Chickpea patties (updated)
& a mini series: rethink leftovers, I plan on doing more with this… eventually.

A lesson in patience. For the most part meltdowns and what not have diminished… but some days will always be a lesson in patience (for me).
Miami staycation…. of a different sort. No handsome man, just some crazy girls.
The time I opened up about my anxiety…. oof. There’s not much to open up about these days. Things are good…. but anxiety will always be a pain in the butt to deal with. Still working on it and getting better though!

How to make your very own elderberry syrup. I need to make a second batch soon.

(Pre) Art Basel
A natural living DIY: a perfect gift for kiddos and new moms.
An upcycled highchair. (Trudy loves it and uses it everyday!)
Christmas, of course.

&an update on our home life. It goes hand in hand with my recent New Year’s resolution post. I’m ready to build, create, and live more, while simplifying everything. We’ve been busy busy over here. What a magical year it’s been.
My favorite photo of 2013 (besides our wedding photos of course)
Again, I love you, 2013. You were awesome.


  1. Love revisiting these blog posts! I did the same with mine and it was crazy how much I didn't remember about this past year. Hope your 2014 is wonderful!

  2. No thanks necessary Drea, it's always an absolute pleasure to visit your beautiful, colourful, happy and inspirational blog. Thank you for creating and sharing it. I hope 2014 is wonderful for you all. CJ xx