It’s a very rare thing for us to have a day without Marlowe while Alex has the day off. We never aim for these days, unless we’re going to staycation or vacation, because we like to spend a bunch of family time together…. but sometimes? a day with just the two of us is pretty damn nice. Especially when we wake up at a reasonable hour and we don’t completely waste our day. Monday was awesome. A quiet day. Extra quiet time in the morning. Slow paced, easy errands. Extra attention paid to meal cooking. And patiently waiting for her arrival back home. We enjoyed it very much. And Marlowe? Well don’t worry, she was up in orlando having a blast at Lego Land… or the lego store anyway. It’s a long story. But that girl was so amazingly excited to share her day when she got home. We all had a good day 🙂

9 am. House is quiet. I get up to grab some water, peek into Marlowe’s quiet and empty room. Open up the curtains and house, and climb back in bed to finish documentary watching. 

10 am. Dough is rising. I prepare lentils for lentil fritters. And I make a quick and super healthy breakfast for Alex and I. (Coconut milk yogurt, extra smoothie from Alex’s berry smoothie, buckwheat groats, dried goji berries, and dried dragon fruit)

11 am. Put on some shorts. And we drive out west to a tropical fruit farm. We pick up a third passionfruit plant for our home as well as a dragon fruit cutting, and some ripe passionfruit too.

Noon. Pick up some essentials (and non essentials) at Whole Foods and drive home. We decide we’re starving and break open the graham crackers and (vegan) marshmallows (we obviously have late night s’more plans) The crumbs on my shirt are charming, right?

1 pm. Unpack groceries. And begin making our (delicious) meal.

2 pm. My food is mostly done. Bread still needs love and work. I put away laundry and tidy up.

3 pm. The bread STILL needs time to grow. Alex gives a little love to the garden. The weather is PERFECT. (see him back there?)

4 pm. Naan bread is frying and other food is warming. I set table.

5 pm. Indian feasting! Naan bread, chana masala, gobhi mutter, lentil fritters, and a minty passionfruit yogurt dipping sauce! Mmmm. Want more now.

6 pm. Backyard hammock life, doggie cuddles, golden hour.

7 pm. the nugget returns home and obviously got spoiled at “lego land” with her new favorite legos! We build our ship to head to neverland island, before getting ready for bed 🙂

Best day, right? Tuesday has been just as good too 🙂

Find: carafe: viessomarlowe’s rug / eco-friendly napkins / eco-friendly tuppleware.


  1. What a beautiful happy feel your blog has to it, I do so love it here. Your trip to the fruit farm sounds lovely, and how nice that you bought some plants as well. The Indian food looks absolutely delicious. I do hope you'll be putting the recipes in your book!

  2. a day bursting at the seams with goodness. and please share the rest of the recipes for the delicious looking feast.

  3. Would you please share your naan recipe?
    The food and garden look amazzzing! What a great day!

  4. Ooo we love chana masala here and my kids go crazy for it! What a lovely day x

  5. Wow you make me want to live in the tropics (I mean, I live in New Zealand so we're not doing too badly… but still that fruit looks amazing!). I'm mama to an almost one year old so it's going to be a looong time before we have a day to ourselves. It looks like a dream though, especially the part where you get to sleep in.

  6. Do you have a recipe for the naan? We recently spent some time in Nepal and ate naan quite a bit. I would love to figure out how to make it now that we are home! Thanks!

  7. Wish I could cook as good as you do! That bread looks delicious. I can't make dough for my life. I've tried many times…