As you guys know, we’ve been working pretty hard on updating this house lately. Some home update stuff is tiring, some is annoying, some things are complicated and confusing, but luckily, some of it is really, really fun. We don’t have a lot of walls in this house. Or sometimes it feels that way anyway. I’ve been pretty strict in decorating this time around that I don’t want to just throw stuff anywhere. I want my favorite pieces to go up and have that be it— no in between art, “well I guess this is okay art”  And if that means the walls have to stay blank until I find something… then blank they will stay. Well, that mostly went out the window two weeks ago when I started, without planning, hanging the piles of art on our gallery wall. A lot of it, I wanted to hang, but some of it was just “fine, this is a good filler for now.”
We have a lot of art in this house. Some of it, amazing pieces by friends, or beautiful works of art by Alex, that I’ve been excited to hang. But some…. some are pieces I painted ten plus years ago, in the nights I didn’t sleep or others painted for me… that I love, but they just don’t fit the aesthetic feel I want anymore (I went through a HUGE nautical phase in college). And even though I love them, I’m hoping to find something new that better suites are home and the light and airy feel I want in this place.
That being said… I can now spend hours on the ARTtwo50 app. (HOURS). You pick your wall thats screaming for (new) art, take a photo, choose your size, and BAM, scroll through amazing, unique art that you can buy (for hours, if you’d like). It’s pretty much the most genius app if you ask me. Not only a fun house decorating tool to play with, but also, it supports growing artists, instead of just buying the same filler reprinted print that can be bought and found everywhere. It can make my home beautiful while supporting others dreams? Yeah, I like it a lot.

Pinterest (so much inspiration!)

Ready for the giveaway? The awesome folks over at ARTtwo50 are offering one lucky ohdeardrea reader the chance to win a 250$ gift certificate to buy art for their home! Enter to win in the rafflecopter below! 🙂

Only entries entered in the widget will be entered. Comments do not count as entries! Giveaway ends in one week. Good luck, everyone! Happy sitting on the couch and decorating your home 😉 


  1. coooooool. we are relocating soon and this will be a great resource! thanks for sharing.

  2. This is fabulous. I would love some new art in my home. Goodluck trying to pick just one for your home. xo

  3. Just spent half an hour on their Pintrest! So much to want! But I have to have those "Giraffes"! One of my boys is obsessed with giraffes 🙂

  4. I love this. I would love some new art on my walls too! Goodluck finding a cool new piece for your home xo

    • Thank you! (Just in case:) If you haven't, please be sure to enter in the widget in the post. Comments dont count as entries. Good luck!

    • It's pretty freaking awesome. If i was more of a video person, I totally would have done a video to show it in action. It's way neater than just the photos!