Maybe you guys remember me asking you if you’d be interested in a cleanse program? It was right before I posted my vegan chocolate chip scone recipe. I asked if you would prefer a detox program or a scone recipe. Then I posted the scones… sucker for comfort food right here! I had a bit of feedback on the blog and A LOT of feedback via email… it turns out you guys really loved the scones, but still had so many questions about cleansing/detoxing.

I receive a lot of questions via email. I still get a fair share about single motherhood. And a lot of you want to know where to find house things. Or local things. And then I get oh so many questions about becoming vegan and/or cleanse recommendations… and recipes too! Food food food. Well, I’m happy to say, a little less than a year after posting about a possible cleanse idea, I’ve finally been putting it together! Maybe you’ve noticed? It’s almost done. No set date yet, because I’d hate to miss a deadline (and hell, it took me almost a year to finally get my butt in gear to even start making one), but I can say with confidence, I’ll have it available soon!
With all the questions I’ve received from others and from doing a handful of different cleanses myself, I feel pretty confident in knowing what people are looking for in order to have a successful cleanse. Also, since I partnered up with another pretty rad, food loving south florida gal (Amanda), we’re pretty sure (almost positive) we have all the bases covered. But just in case… my (not very specific) questions for you (and I’d really love feedback…. either here or any other forum on this big ole’ internet) are: What are you looking for in cleanse?  What are your biggest struggles when it comes to food? Do you have other concerns or questions? 
Other than my simple question basics, I hope you’ll be as excited as I am 🙂 This program is turning out to be quite nice, fully comprehensive, and oh so very useful… oh and did I mention recipes? Cause there will be A LOT of recipes! Including some of my favorite go to’s, some new ones I added in, and a bunch of Amanda’s too! Are you looking forward to a healthy body spring cleaning? I am! I’ll share more details soon 🙂
*Like I mentioned in my new years post, I planned to create a corresponding version of my two year plan. Bam, making 2014 count!


  1. hiya
    I would love to read more about cleanses that dont leave you feeling rubbish with no energy, and also if you have any tips for convenience – I leave for work super early in the mornings, so things that can be prepared the night before, and eaten only in work breaks.

  2. Hi Drea, when do you expect to release the cleanse? I'm very anxious to try it out. I'm usually pretty good about properly and working out but during the past holidays I completely binged and put on a few lbs. I haven't made the time to workout in about a month and my eating habits aren't completely back on track. I think this will be the perfect kick in the butt to get me back where I need to be. I love to eat healthy and cook so I can't wait to try!

  3. Looking fwd to this.. I just returned from an indulgent ski trip to the Austrian Alps where they LOVE cheese and beer. Thankfully I skied daily so I able to work some of it off!

  4. I'm excited to see your recipes! I'm typically dubious about cleanses (so many are liquids+laxatives). I would love to see a naturally cleansing, veg-heavy, nutritious meal plan with real foods! For the commenters above who talked about hot drinks, maybe hot water with lemon, raw honey, and ACV would be a good substitute? And/or caffeine-free herbal tea?

  5. Wayne and I did a 10 day no carb (including sugars and fruits and everything) and it was AMAZING on my body but so hard to do without meat (so we didn't). If someone could give me a vegetarian (or vegan) way to do that again I would be in love with them. I didn't crave carbs after that at all and could not overeat and it was amazing.

  6. I absolutely love that you're doing this cleanse! I'm really trying to find a healthy cleanse I can still exercise while I'm on. The last few completely raw cleanses I went on left me feeling super fatigued and drowsy the first few days, and I've got looong days and usually long runs at night. Anything energy boosting but still body detoxifying/cleansing would be rad!!!

  7. I am looking to clear up my acne. My weaknesses are breads, and CHIPS. It's always chips and hummus or chips and salsa. Too much chips. More veggies are definitely needed. And I don't eat hardly any fruit except apples.Also, I would love to not have to drink 2-3 cups of coffee daily. Because it is really not even the coffee I feel I am addicted too(even though I of course am addicted to the caffeine) I feel like I like it more for the creamer(silk) hell I wouldn't drink it if I didn't add it.

  8. Crazy, I just posted a cleanse I'm doing on my blog today! Now I'm going to have to do two cleanses back to back. 😉 Sugar was my biggest issue as well, once you get eating the stuff there is no looking back!

  9. As long as it's not a liquid cleanse, I'm down! I need my carbs and the only way to feel full without carbs is LOTS of chewing! Super excited for this.

  10. My biggest challenge is also sugar like some people have already posted, but I just wanted to say, "WOO HOO!" Ha, I'm excited to see what you've come up with 🙂

  11. I am thrilled with this post! I LOVE recipes.

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the ripe age of 31 last year and once I realized what just happened and came to, I decided that I needed to revamp my lifestyle. It’s incredible what a diet can do for the mind and body and I regret my prior ignorance. My diet is currently macrobiotic (98%), but while reading The China Study (I encourage you to read it, brilliant study on nutrition) I discovered just how awful casein in animal milk is for you – it can actually make tumors grow. Now, I could eat an entire wedge of brie so moving from dairy could be a pickle. I don’t drink milk, never have, but like I said I’m in love with cheese, being vegan can you recommend vegan dairy products that taste good?

    For a cleanse it’s always been difficult for me. It seems like it costs double what our grocery bill would be and preparation seems more time consuming and very restrictive…But I very badly want to do one and complete it, so I look forward to what you and Amanda are putting together for us.

    – T

  12. I think my biggest concern with doing a cleanse it how restrictive they are. It seems like a lot of times it's like you don't get to eat food, in which case I'm starving and can't be productive, or you have to eat these exact meals and snacks, and if there's something on there that I know I don't like, that puts me off immediately. So I like some flexibility. I also want it to be fairly short, because (again) with the limitations, I don't want to be stuck to a specific meal plan for a long period of time. I've really been working on hydrating, but I wouldn't mind some extra detox!


  13. Hi Drea – looking forward to this cleanse. My biggest problem seems to be meal planning. Will you be including some of that as a part of the cleanse?

    • autumn, spring, whenever. I'm just saying spring, cause it's coming here 🙂 Our menu is flexible 🙂

  14. Coincidentally I just watched a great documentary last night. It was about this guy on a 60 day juicing cleanse and while at first I thought it looked crazy, by the end I wished I could do something like it.

    My biggest problems are hot drinks. I need a way to enjoy coffee and tea without depending on it. I'm terrible – I'll drink a cup or two right after dinner and then curse myself when I can't fall asleep a few hours later.

    • Ive seen that doc! I'm obsessed with food docs. I would never ever do a 60 days juice cleanse. I would do a few day one.. but not that long. I'm sure there are a lot of positives about extended juicing, but I fear it would kill someones metabolism and digestion.

      And hot liquids, got it! thanks 🙂

    • Also coincidentally, the truck driver (I think his name was Phil if we are both talking about "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead") started his cleanse in the lake town I worked at over the summer. Quite interesting indeed!

      I did wonder that though as well. It helped him gain a ton of health back, but I would assume there'd be issues with re-introducing food after juicing – like eating back a bunch of calories or something like that. At any rate, it made me want a juicer so I could have a morning boost juice as part of my breakfast. Mmm.

      Thanks for the reply 🙂

  15. I am looking forward to this! I need a cleanse/detox. Sugar is my problem as well. I also struggle (according to myfitnesspal) with getting in enough protein!

    • Sugar is a hard battle for sure! We def. focus on it! And we have so many high protein meals featured! 🙂

  16. I can't wait to read your recommendations of a good cleanse. I've always wondered how long they should last and do you have to stick to a liquid diet, only.

    • There are so many different types! There's no good set amount of time, but I always say at least two weeks, to really feel a difference 🙂 And no, this will not be liquid only by any means! We want people to feel satisfied 🙂

  17. I need to detox from sugar; it becomes a serious weakness and crutch. But my face has more breakouts now than when I was a teenager. I need something that I can incorporate into meals with my family (2 yr old daughter) and can still fit into a schedule of us both working full time jobs. I'm so so so excited though, for whatever your plan may be!

    • sugar is hard to overcome, it's one hell of a drug! 😉 And yes, family feeding + self cleansing is hard! The hardest part for me since becoming a mom! Taking notes! Thank you 🙂