I’m going to go ahead and warn you now, many of these photos are night time, cell phone, not so steady handed 😉 photos…. but man, what a fun night. 

look! a freakin’ bathroom selfie! But only because I think this bathroom was made for them. 

I stole many of their photos too. Thanks Em, thanks Alana. muah muah. 

classy friends &an ode to Miley Cyrus. Also, she drunkenly promised to add her dress to my collection…… right, lauren? 

my two most favorite people in this world (besides the kid, obviously). 

Well friends, this may have been my most favorite New Years yet. I’m an emotional lover of New Year celebrations. I’ve just about cried on every New Year’s eve for as long as I can remember. Dating back to age twelve even…. I’m just an over emotional weirdo I guess. This year was no different. The countdown begin, and I felt an instant bubble in my throat as I counted down…. we hit “one”, I yelled “Happy New Year!” with everyone else, Laura kissed me, and poof my tears stopped before they even started. It was such a nice night to spend with friends.

It was a bit sad to not spend this year with Alex by my side, but still a good year nonetheless. Every year for the past however long (years and years) I’ve spent New Year’s Eve at whatever restaurant Alex was working at with a few friends and company. And each year, he would make it out just minutes before the clock hit midnight to spend with me. This year, with a new (still amazing) job, it wasn’t an option… and a little bummy to get dressed up in a quiet house, knowing he was working… but it was really nice to spend my last few moments of the night kissing his face and in his arms. He’s always been my favorite dance partner. I’ve twirled many times, in many dresses with that man. 
And still baffling for both of us, this was the first New Year celebration Laura and I have had together. My best friend forever and our worlds finally aligned to spend the night together. And we’ve (just now actually) decided that we will have to spend every following New Year together, because it was the best one yet. The people who surround you really make all the difference and I’m lucky beyond measure for this life and the people I have in it. Nothing but fun, good people, and good energy going into this New Year. What a great start.
Whether you had a quiet night with loved ones at home, were traveling, or wearing sparkly shorts under sparkly dresses on a dance floor, I hope you guys had a wonderful night 🙂 Happiest of happy New Year, friends!
ps. How perfect was it that literally two minutes before I walked out the door, I found out there was a masquerade party….and knew I had the perfect sequined bunny mask leftover in my sparkle bag (a whole bag filled with sparkle from my sparkle party of course)? Magic. Also, I do in fact have a sequin collection. I’ve been collecting sparkling dresses (and other items) for about 8 or so years now. I planned to write about it last week, and didn’t. Give me all the sequins. 


  1. Fun fact: Ringo Starr guested in a Powerpuff Girls episode as a flamboyant mathematician named Fibonacci Sequins. I smell a costume in there somewhere.

  2. Love all the fun pictures! Your sparkle dress is awesome, and I love those little hats:) Happy New Year! Here's hoping 2014 is the best one yet!

  3. That does look like a fun time! You all look so glam!! 🙂 Makes me wish I had gone out instead of bumming it on the sofa lol

  4. sounds wonderful, so glad you got to spend it with friends and best friends at that x

  5. you really know how to do it up, girl! i love all of your sequined dresses and accessories. happy new year!

  6. Your NYE was far more rock n roll than mine what with me falling asleep by 10.30. Bathroom selfies, glitter and best friends? Sounds like a pretty fabulous way to ring in a new year.