A big girl bed! I get to lay here while my private chef brings me “rainbow soup”
lion pillow  // giraffe

a cold front
(marlowe’s hat HERE)

finally pulling out the pile(s) of pictures I meant to hang over a year ago….
(see finished wall HERE)

“mama I made you a ship”

Marlowe said she was going to marry him. I’m okay with it. Best little boy I know.

Good (chilly) morning.

pizza &olives
clean up/ refresh/ de-clutter /new start.

I love finding her like this.

a birthday celebration…. don’t ask about the tortilla chip cake.

nooooodles. (a recipe)

so in love with her lion (from mini boheme)

my SIL texted me this photo. this is what happens after a colombian brunch. passseddd out. #winning


  1. Hey! Love these photos….can you tell me where you got that yellow animal comforter/duvet cover? It is gorgeous!

  2. that last picture is perfect! just how every brunch should end :).

  3. love these! on your photo wall, who did the drawing of the little girl with the yellow backdrop, i love it.

  4. love these! on your photo wall who did that drawing of the little girl with the yellow backdrop?

  5. Loving your pants in the first picture. Are they pajama/lounge pants? I'm from north Florida and have been living in the Midwest the past 2 years. I've definitely been missing that Florida weather the past month!

  6. Some lovely photos of your recently enjoyed things. I'm in the process of buying a big boy bed for my littlest boy, he will love it I'm sure. And maybe I'll get to lie on it – I daren't on his little bed, for fear of squashing it flat!

  7. I hope your de-cluttering is going better than mine!! My husband and I have waaay too many "things".. Goodwill is about to hit the jackpot!!!

    Thanks for being such an inspiration!!!

  8. That last photo, and the one of her 'cleaning' in her diaper? too precious for words! have a great weekend!

  9. In college, I worked as a barista to fund my education. Latte art was my favorite thing and sometimes, was my only joy during the 7am rush, so I appreciate your enjoyment of a smiley face in your milk foam 🙂

  10. That last picture is absolutely perfect. Too wonderful!

  11. the last picture! that's a keeper 😉 the lion pillow is adorable.

  12. Greetings from Norway.

    Found your blog through the "word of 2014" link project, and I'm so glad I did.
    I ended up staying here for a long time, looking back on your life and pictures.

    I put you on my "They make me feel" bloglist and will surely be back 🙂

    lot's of love.

  13. Oh my gosh, that last picture is so funny and cute. I know that feel.