So you guys know I like (obsess) over pizza, right? On the day to day, I usually eat really, really healthy, but I won’t lie to anyone…. I completely 100% enjoy my junk food vices too. Pizza is one of them. It was really the only thing that kept me from becoming vegan for years before finally switching. Now more and more restaurants are offering vegan options (yay!)… and it’s pretty easy to buy a pre-shaped dough at the grocery store to top with my own things. BUT when I’m really lucky or adventurous: one of us will make it here—from scratch.And man, oh man is homemade pizza (with with an amazing dough), AMAZING. I love Alex for a lot of reasons, but one of the biggest convincers to why I should be in love with him, was pizza. Pizza is a way to the heart, am I right? 😉 I hope you guys like his pizza dough (recipe) as much as I do.  I’m sure you will.

Formula (yields 6 12″ pizzas)
200g AP flour
200g Water
Small pinch of Instant Yeast
Final Dough
500g AP flour
320g Water
10g Sea Salt
25g Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The night before you want to make pizza
– Combine all the pre-ferment ingredients in a small bowl or plastic storage container.
– Use a simple fork or whisk to incorporate until a thick pancake batter consistency is reached.  This does not have to be completely smooth.
– Cover the container and let stand over night in a cool, dry corner of your kitchen
The next day, 3 hours before pizza party
– Pull out your stand mixer with dough attachment.
– In the mixer bowl, combine all the pre-ferment, flour, water, salt, yeast, and oil all together.
– Set mixer to lowest speed and run until all ingredients are just combined.
– Turn off and allow to rest for 10 minutes.
– Turn mixer up to medium speed (4 on kitchen aid) and knead dough until you have a smooth dough that cleans the sides of the bowl.
– Transfer to lightly oiled plastic container with a spatula.
– Fold the dough in thirds like a letter by picking up one end and stretching up and over into the middle of the dough.  Then do this with the other side and stretch over the seam to the other side.
– Ferment 1 hour at room temperature
– Set pizza stone in top of oven under the broiler, second slat from the top.
– Preheat oven by setting broiler to high.
– Fold in thirds one more time and ferment one hour.
– Scrape dough on to floured work surface and divide into six even pieces, approximately 200g each.
– Flour the dough and shape into balls (boule).
– Rest 20 minutes
Time to make the pizza
– Starting with one dough at a time, punch down with your finger tips and begin to stretch out.  Using a rolling pin helps as well.
– Keep dough floured and stretch out onto pizza peel.
– Now you can add whatever sauces or toppings you want, just keep in mind, less is more.
– Slide pizza into oven and bake for 5-8 minutes on broil until the top begins to just blister.

Time to EAT the pizza!


– We use, unbleached, unbromated, organic all purpose flour
– If you have great tap water, use it, if not use filtered water, or whatever actually tastes good
– Instant Yeast (also known as rapid rise or instant active dry) is the easiest to use and has the most         consistent results.  If you only have regular active dry, their are conversion charts online.
– This recipe may seem long but with just a little planning ahead, anyone can pull this off.  Your friends and family will love you forever.
– This specific pizza dough is considered to be a wet dough in that it has a high water content.  This results in a much softer and more elastic crust with incredible crumb.  It can be a little more sticky than other doughs.
– You can find a simple gram to cup converter chart: here, but for accurate results, a kitchen scale, even a cheaper one, is your best bet.

We all have our favorite pizza toppings. I have so many different ones I enjoy, but my go to is always a red sauce and a varying vegan cheese option. &Lots of fresh herbs too.

Happy pizza partying! 🙂

*Marlowe’s apron c/o: hedley and bennett (All handmade in the us. They have adults, kids, and even a dog one too now! And of course, they’re simply beautiful.)
napkins c/o: dot and army
kitchen scale.


  1. no one ever said anything here AFTER trying to make this, so I just want to say I made this more than once and it's genius. so much better than any store bought dough or the "normal" recipes!

    • This can be done by hand too! We were actually thinking of trying to put together a video for it 🙂

  2. Hey Drea, i don't have a stand mixer, can i use a spoon/fork to mix and get the same outcome??

    • No fork/spoon! This can actually be done by hand! We were actually thinking of trying to put together a video for it 🙂

    • Ah.. Yes, I forget, fork/spoon is the correct wording! Anyway, i made it with my fork/spoon/hands for valentines and it was great! So great, i ended up making it again the night after….. and possibly this weekend too. x

  3. that looks delicious!!! i've tried a paleo crust before, that was super good too…could easily make it vegan i think. i'm so excited to try a vegan restaurant in berlin soon!

  4. YUM! I will definitely be trying this recipe. I am such a sucker for a good pizza, but vegan pizza options are pretty limited in Aus.

    Malt Memories.

  5. I noticed this recipe makes 6 12" crusts…have you had any success refrigerating or freezing any crusts that you don't use?

    • Hi! Alex says, it'll keep well in the fridge until the next day. Or you could freeze it on a plate. What we do here, is make the 6 pizzas— toppings and all, cook them, let them cool, then freeze them! Need a quick meal later? BAM.

  6. Thanks for the recipe! I'm also wondering what your favourite vegan cheese is? I haven't found one I really like yet..

    • These days there are cheese made from soy, rice, almond, and "veggie" cheese. If you're okay with soy— follow your heart mozzerella is my favorite. If you're avoiding soy, I'd say daiya— it's not heaven or anything, but its a good junky cheese replacement. I'm going to be posting a homemade vegan cheese options next week 🙂

  7. Sometimes I think you read my mind. Yesterday all I could think about was PIZZA. I wanted a really good recipe for some pizza dough and also ideas for different kinds of healthier pizzas. I couldn't really find any dough recipes I liked so I just bought some premade dough from Whole Foods… but NOWWW I have a recipe that looks just my style. THANK YOUUU!!

  8. Wonderful. Exactly what I've been needing, the one I do isn't quite right. I shall be trying this very soon, thank you for sharing it Drea.

    • If you're cool with soy, my favorite is follow your heart mozzarella style. If you're not cool with soy, then daiya mozzarella is probably the next bet. I usually buy daiya now because it seems to last a while and it takes us foreverrrr to go through fake cheese. It like, has to be planned. I'll be posting a homemade cheese option next week or so 🙂