Marlowe is absolutely obsessed with building. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it. And I know I’ve posted pictures of her towers on instagram before. I mean, huge block towers…. that were even taller than her! That’s impressive. She’s got a steady hand, that little one. I know I’m a biased mom, but it’s really mind blowing the things she builds. Not just the skill that goes into each structure, but also the creativity.

If you haven’t noticed, her new jam lately has been legos. Legos all the live long day. Wakes up, builds things. Post lunch, builds things. Before bed, builds things. I think it’s one of the most amazing things in the world. I cant help but tell her how amazing it would be, to decide to be an architect when she grows up. My selling point? The world needs more colorful buildings. Yes, she’s three, so she’s got a long way to go until she really decides on anything, but sometimes, some people… they just know. I hope and I think it would be amazing, if this was that for her— the knowing.
I feel like I missed a pretty big lesson or point where I should have learned that art can be done for a living. I always leaned that way— towards the creating side. Art schools? Design schools? Realizing I could make a career or a living from home design or landscape design? That wasn’t real life for me growing up. My art was loved by my parents and my creativity was accepted, but art was not a career. I mean, I watched HGTV like a crazy person from the youngest age. Home design shows, all day long, but stepping towards the direction or realizing that I could turn my creative passions into a career? I missed that. Landscape design was by far my favorite course in college, but I only took my intro class once I was in my junior year— where I should have signed up three years earlier just to have any chance of getting in the program. I know it’s one of those things, where it’s never too late…. and that’s mostly true. But I don’t think or plan on those things happening now. I love where I am now, even without those things. But still, I cant help but wonder and think how nice would it have been to realize those things for myself at a much, much younger age? Where would I be now?
It’s life really. Sometimes you miss things. Sometimes you learn new things. Sometimes you figure it all out very young—or sometimes much too late. And sometimes, like me, you take a longer path to maybe turn creative passions and missed points, into something else you really enjoy.  Well, whatever it is that Marlowe decides to do, I hope she finds it early. And I hope to really teach her, and maybe slightly push her, to harvest the gifts and skills she holds to turn them into…. well, into whatever it is she wants. I’m sure it’ll be amazing.
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ps. speaking of college (I know I don’t often)… An ohdeardrea reader is writing her doctoral dissertation on women’s experience reading blogs. If you’d like to, HERE is the link to her study’s survey. Don’t worry, it’ll only take a few minutes— and it’s fun— if you like surveys. I’ll be honest, I kind of like them! 😉


  1. This totally hit home for me. After leaving school [criminal justice] for being homesick and unsure of the path I was on I really craved a creative outlet. I also watched HGTV my entire life. I rearranged my room every weekend. I was in deep. And yet, I let others talk me out of it. I didn't listen to my gut, my instinct. I let my parents tell me that it was really hard to get a job as an interior designer. No job security. Didn't pay well. The closest school that offered it was mega expensive and I just spent a year and a half at a four year college working towards a career I no longer wanted.

    So I went into nursing because my sister was always cool and I looked up to her. She was a nurse so I would like it too right? No. Not so much. Math. Science. Analyzing. Peoples lives in your hands. Yeah I could do without the stress. So I blog as my outlet for now and pray that one day I can give up nursing and really follow my dreams. I know I've gone on and on but I just want to put an explanation mark on your post. Push your girl to follow her dreams no matter what they may be.

    Also, I thought these sights might be good for your daughter. They're about toys based on building/engineering since toys like that are usually geared towards boys. Not legos, but still pretty cool. and

  2. Sometimes, even if we know what we want to do from an early age (to be a marine biologist) it doesn't always work out, even after going to grad school and applying to gazillion jobs . . . lol. I am kind of in a career/personal crisis right now thinking maybe the universe is telling me it's not what I'm meant to do afterall – trying to listen to my instincts more too 🙂 It's been tough but educational and I think I'm finally starting to come out the other side

  3. I love this post and how you have encouraged (are still encouraging) your daughter to be exactly who she wants to be. As a teacher of young children, I really enjoy watching kids explore their creativity. I have one student who is obsessed with drawing "weird things" (skeletons, zombies, Frankenstein's monster, aliens…you get the idea). I've been talking a lot about artists, illustrators, and animators that he might like. We talked a little bit about Tim Burton and I truly hope that one day, I'll see this kid's name on a wonderful project that has made it big.I do my best to support my kids and let them know that all of the stuff that they like? Well, there's a place for it.

    The Rambling Fangirl

    • Oh man cristina! That's awesome. I hope he does do some awesome 'weird thing' career. Its so amazing to see such passions in little kids 🙂

    • hi my dear! I wanted to watch that ted talks video the other day and didnt! Thanks for bringing it up again—- it reminded me to watch it again! I watched it during bathtime, it was perfect 🙂

  4. My son, who is four, is obsessed with marine animals – his Pre-k teacher says he'll be a marine biologist – for sure! You are right. I think sometimes you just know (although I was puling for architect myself – but he doesn't really like building – funny, right?)

    • Alex and I helped her. That little guy was tricky, the pieces were SO small!

  5. I "knew" that I wanted to be an architect at age 5, and that's what I am today! I am thankful to have a fulfilling career that allows me to be a professional and be creative at the same time. It was a lot of school, but well work it. Good luck, Marlowe!!

  6. That's awesome! Building is great for her fine motor skills and problem solving skills. You might have a future architect on your hands?

  7. Gosh, this post is great. It's hard to not feel like there are only small windows of opportunity to follow your dreams, and when it seems like you missed them, it becomes hard to still push for those dreams.

  8. You gotta look up Goldie Blox as fast as you can!!! It's aimed at girls for building/engineering. Might even get them for my boys. Super cool video Marlowe would love about them.

  9. You gotta look up Goldie Blox as fast as you can!! It's the coolest thing and it's aimed at girls who want to be architects and engineers! Super cool video on it that Marlowe would love.

    • I've seen a youtube clip! I think she's a bit too young, though I'm not sure. I'll have to look again 🙂

  10. You're right, it would be lovely to have known that it was possible to have a career doing something creative. I'm determined mine will know more about the opportunities that are out there to do things that they may love. Maybe sweet little Marlowe will be the next Gaudi.

  11. When I was a little girl it was Legos ALL DAY for me too! Its no wonder I grew up to be a creative designer. 🙂

  12. Oh, HGTV. How I miss it. I often want to contact them about doing House Hunters International because I'm currently studying in England and having a heck of a time figuring out my housing situation for next year.

    • I havent watched HGTV in forever. No tv here, but I've caught house hunters inter national on planes before— some of the locations are so swoon worthy!

  13. I really enjoyed this post. I feel very conflicted about careers and the perfect career. It takes a lot to change career paths and schooling. I'm interested in so much but it's difficult to say what's in my future. Again great post, I hope there are more colorful building too.

  14. She's amazingly talented! I totally feel you on the "missing things" comment. I had NO idea that I could have a career in the arts/design. My parents just expected one of two things: Lawyer or Doctor. Period. Arts? "If you want to starve, I suppose." That was their stance. Now, I see how there's this whole wide world out there for creatives and it's inspirational and exciting. : ) As for Marlowe becoming an Architect? Let me tell you, my husband was 3 when he turned to his mom and said "That building is sooooo nice!" Well… guess what? He's an Architect and still has the very same passion today that he did as a toddler decades ago. So… yes. This could most definitely be her calling! : )