We’ve been going back and forth for a while now on whether we should upgrade our food processor or not. I’ve been doing okay with making hummus, chickpea patties, lentil fritters, etc in our little guy… but I’ve been doing it slowly in multiple small batches— it works yes, but not exactly time efficient. Alex’s big selling point to get a new one has always been “But think of how fast you could make coleslaw!” Well, yes, I guess that true… but more than fast, I could make a lot at a time… and we need a lot. One of Marlowe’s all time favorite snacks is coleslaw with extra carrots (loves raw carrots– hates them cooked). I make a few variations of the dressing and she always eats it up as long as there’s “sauce on it.”
After months of debate, we found a big boy food processor (with all the proper necessary shredding attachments– super important) on HauteLook and I bit the bullet and ordered it. We’re all pretty pleased. Honestly, out of the three of us, I’m not sure who is more pleased, haha. Marlowe is excited about our “cole slaw machine”— Alex is happy about easy dough and other recipe making—- and I’m just happy I found a new kitchen item that makes everyone else so happy.
A few of my favorite HauteLook items currently for sale:


If you haven’t checked out HauteLook, it’s pretty awesome. They have tons and tons of clothes for men, women, and children…. which is cool… but for me… I spent HOURS (no exaggeration, actual hours) poking around at all the home items. The items change often and they sell out fast, so it’s definetely one of those sites you have to check often (new sales events go up at 8 am!), but I’m happily waiting-waiting for more garden goods! I keep seeing awesome outdoor rugs, but I’m waiting for the perfect one for our (outdoor) home. (Rug obsessed, I know).You can poke around the site for yourself. You can sign up here for a free membership and to recieve updates on new sales events. I apologize in advance for the hours you will lose ;)*this post was sponsored by HauteLook.
*marlowe’s dress is from anjo kids.


  1. It looks brilliant, lucky you. I just have a little one, as you say, it does the job, just a bit more slowly. My littlest boy only likes his carrots raw as well. In fact most vegetables he likes raw rather than cooked. Which is fine with me, so long as he eats them!

  2. Having an efficient food processor was one of the top wedding gifts we received last year. After shredding zucchini using a food grater last night, I was so mad at myself for forgetting our food processor could have done it 100 times faster.

    Thanks for the Hautelook reminder! I've only ordered things from them once or twice, but I'm on a decorating kick and need to look at it all again 🙂

  3. I've never had a food processor, but it's my dream appliance. It will make everything so much faster. My blender has a little chopper attachment and I love it, but I can just imagine everything I could do with a proper processor.