It’s been a while since I posted a brunchday. It’s not secret that I’m not big on breakfast. But did you know a lot of it is just because I hate making breakfast? I’ll gladly raise my hand to make lunch and dinner very day, but breakfast? No thanks. Despite this, I woke up at six am on monday morning. I didn’t want to, but the three shots of espresso that I gulped down the day before were still in my system. So I was up. And I waited. And Alex slept (no surprise there) and Marlowe…. also slept… late. A sleepy faced little girl woke up a few hours later, singing her way into the bathroom where I greeted her with a big “HI! Let’s make waffles!” She asked for pancakes and I told her, “No, that’s daddy’s job. We’re making waffles.” So we did.
I believe I try a different recipe every time I make waffles (not that I make them often). And I never, not ever, follow a recipe exactly. And much to Alex’s disappointment, I never, almost ever write down what I’m doing. (I have can confidently say, without a doubt, I have made the best vegan cornbread in the world— but failed to remember the recipe). This batch of waffles was good— really good. Maybe our best batch yet. And even though I hate making breakfast, I want to again just to perfect this recipe. I peeked at a buttermilk recipe from this book and changed—- a lot of it— most of it. And even though I stated a few hours after eating that I would never be making breakfast again, I’m excited to try this waffle thing again soon.


After breakfast I stepped outside to plop my feet up. I’m grateful for all the little and big changes we made this year. I’m grateful that we’ve moved forward, we can see and feel how far we’ve come, and we never have to go back. I’m just grateful.
ps. like our picnic table set up? Life has been like that lately. Transitional furniture stages. We’re all looking forward to moving it outside 🙂


  1. Love the picnic table! Better for the kids and adults to run around and talk! Breakfast looks great! 🙂

  2. Thanks to bloglovin I found this fab blog. So interesting and full of life.ihave been blogging for ages but kind of got bored lately .i am following you in the hope of inspiration not to copy but try out new things.

  3. I love Alex's Kale shirt! Its the first thing I noticed in the pictures-but I'm also obsessed with kale!

  4. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, especially waffles! But I try to get my husband to make them, since we use an old cast iron waffle press… It can get pretty ugly! Love the house and all the colors. Thanks Drea!

    • haha! the funny thing is…. he thought it would be HYSTERICAL to buy me and marlowe matching shirts— because of our obvious love for kale. He pesters me all the time with the shirt and its like a parade came to town when I wear it. I wake up that morning and find him wearing my shirt. Jokes on him 🙂

  5. Whenever I make waffles or pancakes, I always make them like four more times in a row after that. When I crave something, I CRAVE it in all its possible permutations. Then I don't want it again for like four months.

  6. Lovely pictures as always Drea, and the waffles look divine. I've never tried them, but I think you've inspired me to have a go now.

    • I loved it as our dining room table. But a real table is super nice and I'm happy to get the picnic outside 🙂