I can (very obviously) go on and on about purging and cleaning. I could (so easily!) write about why less is more, why I like it, how often I do it, how to let go of things, on and on and on… but I wont, not now anyway. The less extra stuff I have, the more at ease I feel. But, unfortunately, we collect stuff…. without trying. Just like everyone else. ESPECIALLY when kids are in the picture. No matter how much I don’t want it to, things just pile up. Even without constant toy buying, she grows, she needs more, and I have more to get rid of. There’s no escaping it.
Getting rid of things is one solution. It’s a great one. But so is trading stuff out with other people, right?? Swapdom‘s moto— an exchange system for the sharing economy driven by the power of the crowd. Such a brilliant concept, right? Trading in the things you don’t need for things you will. Not losing, not buying more, not creating a constant factory (make make make) material need—- but trading out. Eco-friendliness at it’s finest, less demand and more reuse and recycle— of awesome things you actually not only need, but want. I’m so pleased with the idea. I’ve put a few items on Swapdom myself (the ones above) to try out— you know, “shop around” and see what I can find— and I actually find a few amazing things I waiting to hear back about! I know by my image above, it may seem like only kids stuff, but actually, the site has been running adult clothes for a while and the kids section JUST opened. Clothes, toys, and baby gear! I know Christmas is long gone, but swapping could seriously by the solution to so many toys around Christmas– new and old. And you can trade anything on the site! Womens for kids, men things for babygear, whatever.
Have you heard of swapdom? I’ve seen a few other of my favorite blogs mention it, which got me real excited. Have you tried it? Do you love it? Are you think thinking this Christmas will go better than last? Cause I sure am 🙂
ps. if you’re interested, you can find my swapdom profile: here! &swapdom is having a pretty awesome giveaway for a Phil and Ted stroller! To enter, simply like their facebook page, here 🙂 &you can find them on twitter, here 🙂
Happy happy wednesday, friends! 🙂


  1. Love this! Reusing is always the way to go. My apartment building has a lobby where people leave things they no longer need, it's such a great way to pass things on without dumping them in the trash! Plus it (hopefully) stops someone from buying something new:)

  2. I'm trying very hard to declutter here at the moment. I feel so much more in control when there's less stuff. I don't know if we have a swapping website here in England, but we do have Freecycle, where you can list things you don't want and someone comes to collect them. You just have to be careful not to get more stuff…