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I’ve got the travel itch. I’m written about my pick up and go’s so many times. I’m finally, finally at a place where I don’t really want to be anywhere, but home… but I do… I absolutely do want to travel! (And then come back home 😉 I’ve got a few spots in mind— but it’s mostly Asia that’s calling my name. I have a lot of friends traveling back and forth and well, I’m dreaming here… and planning. Marlowe wants a sari (she’s been asking since her little friend, Arissa flew off to visit Pakistain) and I just want to explore. And while Pakistan is absolutely on my *maybe one day* list, right now… it’s India. (And Vietnam, but we’ll save that for another day). My top three list has changed a lot over the years. At one point (and for a very long time), I wanted the city life of Japan. And I’ve always wanted the smells and taste of Morocco. But right now? Send me to Asia. To all of it. But mostly India. Let’s go. Where do you want to travel?

*I couldn’t find an image source for the second photo. Not finding image sources is one of my top pet peeves. I found it on pinterest, no surprise there, the stealer of all photos. I looked for other photos, but that one was just too beautiful to pass up. If anyone could help me out and/or knows of where the photo belongs to, it would be much much appreciated. 


  1. You can go everywhere but it's India where you enjoy much better the any other country there are too much places to go and feel the peace.

  2. Hi! I'd also love to see India one day. My top list includes Italy, Bali and Nepal but I can't wait to visit the US of A in August this year 🙂 Anyway, if ever you visit to Asia soon, check out Philippines. I live in the city but I've seen most provinces that are perfect for total RnR 🙂

  3. my sister just left for india. she chopped all her hair off and went to an ashram to do yoga for 2 months. and before she left we already said that next time i am going with. i understand your longing. i long for westafrica (where i lived for a year) and south/middle america. this summer i went to sri lanka which was great challenge. an you should totally visit turkey if you ever get a chance 😉

  4. You do know that Japan is apart of Asia, right? I am only asking because of the way you worded your sentence regarding your top 3. It was Japan…but now it's Asia. Reads as odd!

    • Haha oh boy. Yes, I very much know Japan is a part of Asia. My brain has been half on for about three + weeks now with cluster headaches so even basic tasks are ridiculous, but I do know the difference very well. Thanks for pointing it out.

  5. You should check Holi Fest in Spanish Fork, UT. I know it's not *quite* India but it is one of the coolest/most random experiences I've had. It happens the last week of March this year and it costs only $3.

  6. India sounds amazing! I'd love to go to Spain also and buy tons of colorful textiles and handmade goods!

  7. India sounds amazing! I'd love to go there or Spain! I want to collect tons of colorful textiles and handmade goods.

  8. I was planning on going to Japan, but I'm chickening out because of the risk of radiation exposure. Even if there's a slight risk, I don't want to take it. Do you know anything about it? I'm trying to educate myself on it and I'm finding answers all over the place! If not there though, it'll be Bali, or Greece, or Spain, or Italy 🙂

    • I know northing about. I really wanted to visit there all through high school because I was crazy about cities– I mean, I'm sure the country side is beautiful, but it's not as high on my list anymore. But the other places you listed—- I will be sad if I don't visit them before I die. Spain climbs higher up each year.

  9. Currently, I'm at the top place on my list – I am incredibly lucky to be studying abroad in England! But after here, I'd love to see China. I also really want to do the backpacking-through-Europe thing.

    • How wonderful to be where you want to be 🙂 Englad was on my top three list in highschool. Now, I mean, I'd love to go, but all the warmer places are creeping higher on the list since living in the tropics 🙂 And yes, backpacking through Europe sounds amazing.

  10. Morocco is lovely, and I'd love to visit India too. But mostly at the moment I'm dreaming of Italy. And also Machu Picchu.

  11. Scandinavia! All of it! It's silly really because it's so close so I really should have got it out of my system before three kiddos came along (one of whom is called India!!) – but I think I would love everything about it – especially the fooooooood!

  12. We went to Thailand two years ago and it was amazing, but I don't want to live there. I do want to visit again. We thought about Vietnam, but we saw a Gordon Ramsey show where he goes to Vietnam and changed our minds. The attitude towards animals made me really uncomfortable. Obviously you can't really judge by a one hour show, so who knows. I also felt that way in Thailand, but much less. But it was enough to make me go vegan when we got back.

    India looks beautiful, but also really scary. I know someone who's living there at the moment and a lot of his photos make me not want to go. I live in South Africa and there's so much poverty. I don't want to see more when I go on holiday.

    I also really want to go to Europe. Basically everywhere, but at the moment Belgium. There's a town called Ghent where the local government really encourages vegetarianism. That would be really cool to experience and it's also incredibly beautiful.

  13. The only places out of the US that I've been to are Canada, Italy, and Mexico. I want to go to Japan sooooooo bad. I want to do Tokyo but then also go in the country and see the beauty of it. That's definitely my #1 travel wish. Given the million feet of snow I've gotten this winter, though, I'm really dreaming of Australia. I just want to lay on a really hot beach and be WARM!! India I'm sure is so beautiful though!

    • I'd love to go to Italy one day. I've mostly been around these parts. Canada, South America, the caribbean. Furthest I've been is hawaiii—- but it didn't really fill any travel itches since it still so very much US. It's like Florida… except far haha.

  14. you can satisfy M's craving for a sari by getting her one at boom shanti. i want to go to greece. the country side of italy, france and china. and thailand….

    • If you ever want to really place greece, let's do it together. I have family there we can stay together 🙂 And yes country side!

  15. Vietnam is amazing, but Cambodia changed my life. It is by far the most incredible place I've ever been. However, I am going to India + Burma + Sri Lanka in a few months and can't wait! I feel uncomfortable if I don't have some sort of travel planned. Last year, I booked a trip to Tulum in two weeks with a girl friend of mine on a whim because we were both so restless 🙂

    • Amazing. Have a blast! I'd love to hear about your time after you visit 🙂 And yes, Tulum is perfect. I can't wait to head back there.

  16. India is AMAZING! If you do go, make sure you go for long enough to visit all over. It's such a diverse country. My dad grew up in India (first grade through high school), so when my family lived in Cambodia he planned a trip for all of us to visit India for 3 weeks. Best trip ever. We went all over the country, but my favorite areas to visit were the hilly, mountainous areas (like Kodaikanal, where my dad went to boarding school) – so different and beautiful!

    • Yes, if and when I go it would have to be for a while. I do want the city— but I mostly want to explore outside the city 🙂