I recently looked back on one of my first garden posts—- I’m not talking about my yard work, or posts in my new home and the start of our backyard garden (raised beds!)— but like, one of my really, really old posts. When I was living in my old teensy (awesome) house and not having an inch of real yard to grow on. I had big hopes and dreams for a one day yard. And really, I imagined it to be much like the space we have now— but more finished. (Slowly, but surely!) 
Even now, looking back, and with how much we’ve built, grown, and accomplished, that garden post is dead on. We still use a pepper spray as pesticide, but it’s changed a tiny bit since my original recipe. Also, I no longer use my cute floral sprayer, but instead this practical, not fancy one— we’ve got a lot more ground to cover! Maybe I’ll get crazy and dress it up one day. Alex will love that. haha 🙂 
I still struggle with seeding— that’s more Alex’s job in the yard, but I love being back there and doing detail ocd-ish work on the plants 😉 
For me, it’s awesome looking back on my old posts. In emails when people tell me how nice it’s been to see my life unfold— I agree. It feels weird for myself to acknowledge my own life changes, but I agree. It seems outside the normal everyday thinking to self evaluate who I am and what I write, but it’s true— and it just feels good to not only think back, but to look back on each step and process and see change and growth in my life— and in my wishful and real garden too! I’m happy to do it. I’m happy to look back and plan forward. And as odd as it feels sometimes— it feels really good. It’s part of growing and it should be a part of everyday (maybe not so ocd) maintenance, if you ask me 😉
My simple home organic gardening tips post has a ton of organic gardening tips and a lot of links and books, if you’re interested! I myself am going to look back through some of my old links I forgot about 🙂 Our pepper spray has kept away the aphids and we’ve been really lucky with pests— the snails have been keeping to the other parts of our yard and we’ve only had a bit of caterpillar trouble. Not all our plants have flourished. Some were great and then after we re-planted or moved them, they simply died. We’ve dug them up and tried again. It’s been a really great process of learning.
I think about it everyday, but I’ll be sad when winter is over and we’re mostly stuck inside again. But maybe that will give me time to dream for the next big plan— whatever it might be. 
Dream. Do. Evaluate. Dream again. Grow. 

PS. Are you in florida? Have you seen these guys? It’s an io moth caterpillar. If you find them, be careful! They’re incredibly beautiful, but painful! Just the slightest touch will burn your skin! We have maybe a hundred of them living in bush in our backyard— luckily it’s a bush we planned to remove– but ouch, poor M accidentally got in touch with one and her hand blistered up within seconds. Just some cautionary advice, we don’t need any other kiddos (or grown ups too!) getting stung!
Other bits: 
-I have a few posts in mind. I know you guys loved the raised bed DIY post. But what about more garden DIY’s? Yay or nay? I’m alway torn. I also have a few more easy how to’s like my artichoke one– but other vegetables of course 🙂 And a ‘how to be cheap as can be an live a great life post’— or something like that 😉 Also, that cleanse?! I finished the last page last night. Amanda and I have a few more back end details to figure out, but we’re both excited to say, it’ll be ready soon! 
-Also, my friend Emily is offering 40% off custom portraits! I have a garden post from weeks ago that I meant to put up with our cute kiddos— but haven’t got around to it. But I’m selfishly looking forward to her maybe moving back anyway 😉 Need a beautiful hand painted portrait? Check out her shop and use discount code ‘ohdear40’ at checkout. 
The pictures above are from our first garden harvest! An English breakfast radish harvest! Mmm! In PJs. Outside. In the garden. An (almost) everyday for us. 


  1. keep the garden posts coming, and pretty please share your pepper spray recipe!:)

  2. Heck yes, more garden posts! Let me live vicariously through you, and your tropical garden!! 🙂

  3. I vote, Yes, for the garden posts and updates. It's an amazing project to watch unfold and grow. Thanks always for sharing.

  4. Your life always looks so warm and sunny, it makes me happy to look at when we've been getting pummeled by extreme cold and heavy snow for months and with no end in sight… So yep, loving all the garden posts, they remind me that winter doesn't last forever (close enough though). I think it's so amazing to be able to grow your own food and enjoy the product of all your hard work 🙂

  5. What a great post, although I am months off from anything cool like you got going on down south! I checked out your old house too, love all the life and color! Keep the garden posts coming, I need some green while buried in snow 🙂

  6. Yummm radishes!!!!!!!! I am so excited about your garden. I can't wait until I own my own home and I can use those organic tips and grow my own vegetables/fruits too. More garden DIYs are great, I'll bookmark them. The first time I ever cooked an artichoke I actually used your how-to and so I'd love some more! I was raised in a family who made all frozen food so I'm just now learning to do things from scratch for myself and my daughter. You made the artichoke seem so simple and easy and delicious and it was! Also, can't wait for the cleanse!!!

  7. I notice you use a blogger account and am wondering how you have so much space on it. I had an account that told me I had used up all of my space… posts, pictures, I'm not sure what it was. Anyways, i started another blog after that to have more space. Do you have an upgraded account or something that allows for unlimited? I don't know if blogger does that. Thanks!

    • I do use blogger. I use flickr as a photo host for a lot of my photos 😉

  8. Yes to all of those DIY posts! I love your blog and all of your thoughts. It's inspired me to bring a lot more color into our home 🙂

  9. Here in England we call them French Breakfast Radishes! I for one would really love to see a post on living well on very little money. And I absolutely love anything you do that's garden related. And were we promised a little Indian food? I do recall you mentioned that you totally rock Indian food. But really, anything you fancy writing Drea is always so enjoyable. CJ xx

    • Haha! Yes Indian food. Brought up and forgot. Back in memory. Check 😉

  10. these photos are so sweet! I love your garden posts. I really want a huge garden whenever I get my own house. there is nothing quite like homegrown produce. and double yes on a living cheaply post!
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  11. Yes and Yes and Yes I love all of your "how to's" more so I can keep dreaming and planning. I have slowly been working on my garden we have some things growing and I am still working on the land, preparing it but the good thing now my hubby is excited about it. He wants to plant blue corn.

  12. "how to be cheap as can be an live a great life post" – yes yes! 🙂

  13. I'd love some posts with gardening tips. I live in the northwestern U.S. so growing season still seems incredibly far away, but I love seeing your thriving garden.

  14. I would love some posts with garden tips! I'm in the northwest, so growing time is still months away, but I enjoy seeing your garden.

    • She has gloves! This wasn't even while gardening, she just walked past and brushed up! Poor girl.

  15. This post is adorable! Your daughter is the cutest and your garden looks super cute. Did you have a garden growing up and you want to continue that? I found your blog through Bloglovin' and consider me a follower!

    • Hi! Thank you! I didn't have a garden but I was totally the girl playing in the dirt all day long 🙂 my mom wasn't exactly happy with it, but I totally used to climb into the woods and find random things to build forts and mini gardens haha.

    • oof I know. I had those before. We've been really lucky (knocks on wood) with our tomatoes. But like I said— I'm in charge of detail work. Pick up leaves, examine, pick off bugs, move on. haha.