We’ve been loving that not only our garden growing, but also, that our garden community is growing too. We meet amazing people just by getting out there and through word of mouth and common interests. And sometimes surprisingly, this online community has brought me to some pretty amazing gardens and garden people! I’ve always been an outdoorsy kind of girl— I mean, maybe not a tree climber or a skier or anything super physical— but I LOVE being outside. I’ve always known this. 
I’ve also realized something that’s been true throughout my whole life— the moment I find myself bored, I get sad or in a complete unproductive slump. I love love love the quiet moments in life, and downtime, and alone time, and living a thoughtful and slow life, but the minute my momentum unintentionally drops to zero? My mood drops too. It’s been SO great to watch only our garden grow, and also to find inspiration elsewhere. I love being around people that inspire me to want to do more– in gardens, in art, in everything! Also, Marlowe loves any chance she gets to water plants and try new fruit— so for her, the more gardens in her life, the better— at least for now 😉 
The pictures above are from a week or two ago when we got the chance to explore a new and growing non profit alley-way garden in Delray, In The Garden. If you’re local to south florida, check it out and maybe see if you can get involved 🙂 Aly, the woman behind the vision, is awesome. It’s just another example of how you can take a little to create and do A LOT. Give us all the gardens… and all the badass gardeners! 
PS. Speaking of Marlowe and gardens, remember my post about her (my) architect dreams? The other day I walked into her room to find her, “making a garden around a big building” and I explained to her that if she didn’t want to be an architect, well then maybe she could be a landscape architect that designs landscapes and gardens around buildings and she let out the most brilliant and inspired “OoooOooh!” That absolutely brought a burst of happy to my morning. 


  1. That's beautiful – and it's making me think maybe I should take some colorful risks with my own yard this year. I mean, why does my fence need to be white? Why can't my border gardens be delightfully messy?

  2. I swear there is nothing better than the outdoors on a beautiful day. I absolutely love going on walks/run through out parks in the summer/spring. I am super jealous that you got to be outside while everyone is still hiding from the cold here in Cleveland.

  3. The gardening community is indeed a lovely one. I have an allotment here in England, and the other growers on the site are always inspirational. I know exactly what you mean about your mood dropping when you're not busy with life. I had a real light-bulb moment when you said that once before in a post – you made the point that the times in your life that you had been down had corresponded with the times when you'd had less to do – and I suddenly realised that that was true for me too. I really need to have lots on, something to strive for, something to be occupied with. I'm quite happy with my own company, but I do need a focus and maybe a project or two.

  4. I can't sleep but that's just awesome because you've been here and published another great post and I know that just like a dear friend you're here most of the time.
    As for the gardens, I know nothing about them but am always willing to learn, try even if it means to start with a pot of herbs. Have a great day xxx