If you’ve been reading my blog for a long, long time. Then you know, she’s been doing this a long, long time. 
We’ve been doing this! And it’s been great! I love our yard.
She begs to help out. And she looks adorable while doing it. 
We packed a breakfast picnic. We were too tired to eat it. We brought it home and ate it three hours later. 
Oh, now you know, I’m a wolf. (The shoes are mine too).
This is lola. She’s a pig. She’ll never grow any bigger. She’s a vegetarian. If she ever goes missing… you can probably find her in our backyard. 
what my life looks like on rainy days. and probably will look like today, in between building towers.  I’m guessing one week until the cleanse is ready to set sail. weeee!

hey kiddo. 
there was a random collection of stuff on my table. It was all very bright. I like it very much.
more random things to be dounf. coconut milk and mango oats / half an avocado seed / pineapple top.
sleepy man. 
 a book before ballet.
I wanted pad thai. Alex loves me, so he made it. 


  1. I do so love your blog Drea. Such a happy place, full of colour, health, life. I find it very soothing and also inspirational to visit here. Love that you're growing the avocado and the pineapple. And I also love the picture of sweet Marlowe getting ready to go to ballet.