woke up to these.
(I like when Alex’s work is clearing out flowers)

morning light, dogs always finds the best spot.

She woke up early and asked to play. She’s playing. He’s like this. We’ve been extra tired lately / She’s still building.

cousins. She’s SO protective.

Grateful to have coffee with this man every sleepy morning. And as a morning bonus, he’s usually the one that makes it 😉

that’s a big one.

my dinner date.

my breakfast date.


scootin’ too fast.

visiting auntie nicole, wearing aprons too big, ready to make valentine’s day cookies.
(chocolate chip cookies, with extra pink and white sugar sprinkled on top)

places tomato on shelf: “here mama! a tomato from the garden. Take a picture of it!” -marlowe


  1. Awh, Jerry in the sun spot is so cute. I'm so jealous of how incredibly comfortable dogs look when they sleep.

  2. I read your post the other day about the reverse kit. I would love it but then I saw the price! How on earth are you guys affording this stuff?? After rent and bills I struggle to buy food, and I work 48 hours a week 🙁

  3. Honestly, your blog is such a lovely place to visit, I do so love it here. How sweet that Marlowe wanted you to take a picture of the tomato. Mine are the same, when there's something even slightly remarkable they ask me to photograph it.

  4. i love your breakfast and dinner date 😉 and i love how colorful your life is!

  5. All of these pictures are so sweet. Your house is decorated so nicely and makes me wish I had my own. And Marlowe is the most precious thing.


  6. Your pictures always just make me smile. I know that blogs make life seem more simple then they really are, but I just want to plop on your couch sometimes and hang out. 🙂

    • haha. for the most part and other than some on and off migraines right now—- life really is this simple over here lately! My house is a mess…. and I am on the couch…. you're welcome to plop 😉

  7. love how bright and colourful your home is! it is sure making the dreary grey day here a little warmer!