Could there be anything cuter? My kid + the cutest snack bags ever? No. Nothing cuter. Well, maybe if we threw in a puppy and/or a baby pig in the photo… then, okay, ultimate cuteness… but even without a puppy or a baby pig, this alone is pretty adorable, right? I think so anyway. And yes, I am completely and totally 100% biased.We don’t have or use plastic bags around here. (I kind of wish they were banned, like in parts of California.) We don’t have paper towels either—- my moms nightmare when she comes to visit— but thats another story. So tupperware and reusable snack baggies are our jam. And to put a (bright and colorful!) animal face on it? The best. No, seriously, I think these things are the best… like, I know Marlowe is obsessed and now asks for snacks constantly, but I am just as obsessed…. and will have no shame in being a grown adult and using them for myself.

My favorite is the lion &Marlowe’s favorite is “the pink one” (no surprise there).

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Happy Monday, friends! We had a great weekend over here, I hope you all did too! 🙂


  1. Thank you Drea for sharing my snuppets and thanks to all for the sweet comments! Beautiful photos of your adorable Marlowe! I am thrilled to be busy in the "Snacktory" (snuppet factory) filling new orders today. (: Thank you!!!!!!!

  2. Those are so cute! I've been getting us towards not using anymore plastic baggies and as soon as I bring food home from the grocery store it is taken out of the ugly boxes and put into mason jars or larger glass containers. It's so much prettier that way 🙂

  3. They're wonderful. And such a great environmental idea too.