There’s no specific point to this post other than to throw some color in your face. Like, BOOM– taste the rainbow…… and some black and white too. Ya know? And actually, I scheduled this post to go up today, a few days ago for today—- and today? The day that it’s posted to get up? I wake up and it looks like the apocalypse outside. Black as night, this morning. The perfect post for such a dreary day 🙂 
Nobody is surprised I’m OBSESSED with these walls. I’ve gone to Wynwood a million times—- no, thats a huge exaggeration, but a lot. It is nice to have lived there when the area was growing and now, to be able to pop back in for a quick day trip mostly whenever I feel like it. And to still act like a tourist every time 😉 I mean, give me all the pictures of all the color walls, I just love them so much.  
Just like our quick 12 hour trip to New York, Katie and I had ourselves a quick 12 hour trip to Miami. It was an awesome girls day. Coffee, tea, more coffee, color walls, shopping, sandwiches, sunshine, you know, the good things in life—- all the things I want right now— and always. Hopefully this pop of color brightens your day, just like it brightened ours 🙂

In case you want more color: cake artist, kashink.
&you can watch a video on the cake art here.
I remember paradise artist, lakwena.

Speaking of color—> Enter: anxiety. Enter: attachment to a material thing—> tapestry sale details under cut—>

I was able to snag a few vintage tapestries similar to the one above my bed. I know everyone goes crazy for that thing. Like I’ve told so many of you guys, they’re pretty much impossible to find—because they’re not only hand stitched, but also: vintage. I bought them knowing others wanted them and I had no place for them. But admittedly, the crazy in me and the shortage of these things is making me have a harder time parting with these things than I thought I would— I’m not normally attached to material things, remember? But oof. The logical part of me knows I’d be a crazy person to keep (all of) them. So….
I’ll be selling them this wednesday at 7pm EST, here on the blog. I planned on selling them on instagram, but a reader emailed and asked if I could do it here, since she didn’t actually have an instagram account— which totally makes sense. You can see a bit more information here. But basically, I’ll post each piece, and each person interested can comment with their price and email. At the end of 30 minutes, highest bidder (I hate that term) get’s invoiced. If you’re not in the U.S. please leave your country so I can figure out shipping 🙂 
They are between 80-84 inches wide. And the longest peak reaches 60 inches down. 
Like I said, there three are similar to the one above my bed. White/off white-ish background, embroidered animals, flowers, and designs. Same bursts of color—- and same color/dye bleeding. Keep in mind, these are not new pieces. If you look at mine, you can see a lot of color bleeding, it’s just how they are!.If you’re looking for a perfect piece of new fabric, this wont make you happy. It’s the character in these things that makes them so special and unique. Please keep that in mind! K? 
OKAY, back to rain outside and sunshine inside. Have a great day, everyone! 


  1. Gorgeous! This post is making me sad that I didn't get a shot of me and Beatrix in front of a brightly colored wall we passed today in Portland.

  2. Beautiful colour, what an amazing place to visit. Such a great idea.

  3. I'm right there with you about Wynwood. I go as often as possible and take pictures, every time
    ! How could anyone NOT love them!?

  4. I am right there with you about Wynwood. I can't get enough and go back as often as I can…taking pictures every time!!