Oooof, I’m a tired mama. Marlowe and I had the best day in Miami today with new and old friends. I seriously can’t wait to unpack my camera and peek at the photos from our farm adventure. Right now though, I’m looking forward to showering, sweatpants, and a late late dinner. Weather permitting, I have big, colorful (and somewhat messy) plans for the house tomorrow. For right right now though, I leave you with lots and lots of pictures of flowers. My friend Halle came by with extra bunch of flowers to prepare for our flower crown event this weekend, and she left me with an extra pop of color, nature, and fun in flower form that we’ve been living in for the past week. I feel like I’ve been immersed in flowers— more than usual if you can believe that. Patterns everywhere, vases filled, daisy chains for marlowe, planting them, eating them, flowers flowers everywhere. Hopefully, like last week, this brightens up your week with life and color. Happy spring and happy wednesday, friends!

paint: marlowes room / my room – walls / my room – dresser / whites bathroom – custom mint made by quiet home paints


  1. I love all of your flowers! Obsessed! I have so many plants and flowers throughout our apartment, the colors are just beautiful!

  2. Beautiful flowers, lucky you. I love the light in your house, it's wonderful. Your picture wall is looking fantastic as well.

  3. I can never get over pictures of your house, girl. It's seems so calm, beautiful and loved.

  4. I completely love your white book shelf + your art wall! I've been working like a mad women to put up pictures on our wall, fix and find a shelf for books but no luck yet. Loving all the white and bright flowers.


  5. Pretty! I'm just noticing how many floral prints you have in your home. How does Alex feel about living in such "girly" decor? My husband doesn't care about how I decorate our home, but I'm always curious how other couples negotiate style decisions.

  6. it's been too long since i've had fresh flowers in the house! officially getting some tomorrow. those orange tulips are so beautiful, as is your home!


  7. I love flowers! They always manage to brighten my day… thanks for sharing!

  8. Beautiful Drea! Looking at your pictures is making me feel warm and excited for summer, as I'm currently awaiting a bad snow storm (yay Canada!– I swear it's amazing here in the summer). Your home is always an inspiration to look at!

  9. Ahh I love flowers, so much. Whenever I'm shopping and I see fresh flowers I feel the need to grab some for myself. And my friends tell me I have the style of an old lady's table cloth because all of my clothes are covered in flowers haha Your home is beautiful as always. Gimme that picnic table!

  10. So pretty! I always have at least one vase of fresh flowers in my home… definitely brightens things up!