So, I became a mom and realized that there’s a lot of obnoxious children’s books in the world. I feel like I’m supposed to say (and think) that any book is a good book— because if they’re reading and learning it’s supposed to be a good thing, right?—- but let’s be honest, some books are just better than others. For the first year, Marlowe’s book collection focused on a lot of food based children’s books, but now, she’s got a pretty wide range of favorite books.I’ll be honest, there’s quite a few that I try to convince her not to read a lot of the time— and this post focuses on the books she loves best and I love too— not the annoying ones that she likes that I despise. Because I mean, I’m not going to be a jerk and recommend annoying books for you guys to suffer through 😉 Also, this is really just a small handful of her favorite books— I could list about 40 that she would tell you are her favorite— but I figured short and sweet and what’s been in this months most cycled rotation would be best :)On repeat lately, we’ve been reading Maggie and the Sprinkle Tree. We love it— it’s witty, whimsical and smart— one of my favorite reads for sure. You can actually read more about it HERE. Also on repeat: the forever classic Where the Wild Things Are. Surprising to me, Marlowe also loves How to Behave and Why. I knew I would personally love the book, because a book that focuses on honesty? Yes, duh. But I’m always surprised with how much she asks me to read it— there’s really not a lot of pictures, but it’s straightforward with good moral points. And as someone who loves food, one of my favorites is Monsters Eat Whiny Children— a book that talks about loving paprika and hating cilantro— WITH MONSTERS? Wonderful—- and she giggles at it too— and also loves paprika, but not always cilantro (of course).

Some of our favorite toddler books: 

My, Oh My- a Butterfly!
How to Behave and Why
Angelina and the Royal Wedding
Five Little Fiends (LOVE)
Bear’s Best Friend
Camilla the Cupcake Fairy
Where the Wild Things Are
Maggie and the Sprinkle Tree
LMNO peas
Pirates Love Underpants
Unusual Creatures
Monsters Eat Whiny Children

Have you done a favorite book post? I’d love for you to share/link it! We’re always excited to learn about more books 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great week! We actually got hit with a mini cold front today! BRRR. Crazy weather out there in the world— and this week here too. I mean, Marlowe went swimming yesterday and is under three blankets tonight! Crazy.  I have a super busy and exciting week over here— fingers crossed— but big happy news might be coming at the end of the week. *Happy happy thoughts.*

Stay warm, friends?!


  1. Always love good children's book recommendations! We just received a bunch of books for a birthday party yesterday that I can't wait to read-see if any make our favorites list. Here is a link to a post I wrote about our favorite books a few months ago

  2. Pinning this for when I have kids! I remember watching a tween movie [I forget the name] when I was in college. Basically it came down to a nerd and her even nerdier friend both having a crush on the same cool kid. In the end, the nerdy girl got the guy and she explained that her nerdier friend deserved the chunky boy because "he likes brownies just like you!" I was appalled that that was literally the moral of the story. If you're chubby, you can only date other chubby people and us cool folks will be over here.

    I vowed then to be more in control of what my kids watch/read. Easy to say now, I know!

    • you'd think with our color love in this house, we'd def. own a copy, right? Will have to get soon 🙂

  3. Loved this post! We've never read most of these, so we have a new list to take to the library now. Thanks! I write an ongoing series on kid's books because I just can't get enough and my two year old loves to read. I'll post the links below.

    And this list might have some that are a little young for Marlowe, but we still read several of them, so she might like a few:

  4. Drea, you are speaking my language today! My 3 yr old is a book lover extraordinare, but I try to keep the options lively so because if I have to read it 50,000 times – I want it to be actual "Children's Literature" not something that was written by an automaton and available at the check out line at the drug store. Current favorites:

    Yoko's Show and Tell—Tell-Rosemary-Wells/dp/142311955X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1395935762&sr=1-1&keywords=yoko%27s+show+and+tell – we love Yoko and it teaches a good lesson too.

    Wild – Beautiful illustrations

    Bear's Song

    No Fits, Nilson

    Extra Yarn (MY FAVORITE)


    Yeah, I could go on and on. Thank you for your post! I look forward to checking your suggestions out!

  5. My mom used to read me "The Story of Ferdinand" (Ferdinand the Bull) and it's one of my favorites. She had trouble finding it a few years ago and ended up buying used copies for all of her grand kids (cherished now since she passed away in 2012) but I was happy to see it at the bookstore last time I went and I picked up a couple of copies. It's such a cute story, if you're able to find it I think Marlowe would really like it. I know I did as a child.

  6. Give Me A Hug (a life story of Nick Vujicic) is an inspiring child's illustrated book. It's about how Nick, although he doesn't have arms & legs, manage to have a happy and successful life. I read that book often to my son and he loves it. It's truly an inspiring life story. ♥

  7. Yay for books! Especially children's books! And this first picture is just too adorable, it's killing me 🙂
    We are having a bit of a weird weather too here in the South of France, it was basically summer two weeks ago and now i find myself frantically rummaging through my closet to find a sweater that i haven't already packed away because it's cooooold, so i don't know. Hope it gets better soon for both you and me! xx

    • we're back and forth between sweaters and bathing suits here— today looks like we might need both. haha.

  8. My son is only 10 months but is super picky about his books! He loves the books I love you stinky face, giggle giggle quack, and oh the places you'll go!

  9. I love reading about books other toddlers enjoy. My son loves reading and we're trying to build his book collection now. He has lots of books he enjoys right now but one of his favorite books has always been "Mr. Seahorse" by Eric Carle.

  10. I know exactly what you mean about not all books being good books. Some of the books out there for older children are truly appalling. For Marlowe's age, Helen Cooper's "Pumpkin Soup" books (there are three) are absolutely brilliant. Great stories, and the illustrations are beautiful. And there's a little cooking – you'd love them too. They are books I can read again and again and again, and never tire of. The titles are "Pumpkin Soup", "A Pipkin of Pepper" and "Delicious". The illustrations really are out of this world, I can't recommend them highly enough. CJ xx

  11. it's so great that you are giving her so many good books to read! it kills me to see so many ipad obsessed kids these days :/ we're having some cold weather here in san diego too, i thought i paid sunshine tax to avoid the cold?


  12. Awww that 3rd photo is so precious. Love it. We are big book lovers around here- our library bag is always full. LOVE LMNOPeas, but I agree, some books just totally… ugh…

  13. That pic with the wings is just killing me. I miss the days when P. was a bit younger and demanded more books (instead of playing the amount of games with ponies and things that she does now). It forced me to really interact with her in a way that happens less often now since she wants to do her own thing a lot. I like her independence but *sigh*

  14. One of the kiddos I babysit asks to read "If You Want to See a Whale" every time I watch her, and I never mind! I love it.

  15. My daughter Audrey LOVES Children Make Terrible Pets and You Will Be My Friend both by Peter Brown.

  16. My daughter Audrey LOVES Children Make Terrible Pets and You Will Be My Friend both by Peter Brown