My birthday was so perfect. Easy, sunshine-y, bagel-filled, friend-filled, and fun— just how I wanted it. We spent an easy morning with the doors and windows open, eating bagels, relaxing. We got dressed, headed downtown, laid in the park, and walked around– just enjoying the sunshine. Later, Alex, Katie, Laura and I got ourselves dressed and headed off to dinner for a ridiculous dinner experience—- at the place Alex proposed to me at almost a whole year ago. It was the perfect way to spend my birthday and the first full day Katie had in town. I’m so happy to have kept it easy this year. I needed to a day to just veg, have fun, and not think much about anything at all. It was perfect.

I’m sad to have Katie leaving so quick, but I’m hopeful that Marlowe and the perfect weather was able to convince her that her next move should be south. And I’m very much looking forward to good year with lots of fun projects for myself and with friends too. I’m looking forward to new business-y ventures, growing, travel, and just a whole lot of fun this year. It’s going to be a good one.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. And as always, thanks for being here!
ps. Totally organizing all the questions by group and plan on answering them all soon! 


  1. So glad you had such a lovely time. It really sounds like the perfect day.

  2. UGH Marlowe is SO cute, it kills me. Such a beautiful little girl! Happy birthday again 🙂