good morning!
two days after photographing, I spied a tiny palm tree.
“buy me brunch”—- I think she was trying to tell me something.

baby wearing little girl peeking into the yard.

big boot / little boot.
(Alex admitted to me a few days later that the boots were a trap— an after thought trap, but still a trap. After he placed the boots there, he thought to himself “I bet she’s going to take a picture of this”— well, what do you know, I sure did.)

raw vegetable lettuce wraps

quick meet up lunch with a fabulous lady.
find her awesome necklace: HERE.


noodle lunches.

carrot harvest.

I had no food in fridge, when I realized I had invited friends over for dinner hour. So I went outside, picked some things, and made a super fast, super easy, pesto pasta.

chocolate. waffles. bed.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


  1. beautifully captured moments…as always! Love that you were able to just pop out into the garden to grab dinner!

  2. Question: what kind of espresso machine/milk steamer do you have? Do you have any suggestions for affordable/natural/organic lattes?

  3. Love the notebook in the first photo, I have a thing about notebooks. So many possibilities, a whole world waiting to be jotted down and planned. Fascinating and inspirational. Hope yours is full of happy plans Drea.

  4. I always love how colorful and vivid your photos are!

    Check out my latest blog post? 😀
    Dariane // She wrote day!