I get asked quite a bit about how blogging has changed my life or what I love best about blogging— this post sums up quite a bit of it— in a picture*, and now, in the spur of the moment, in words too. Whether your blog has a handful of readers or millions of readers, you can build connections and make friendships. I’ve made some of the most amazing and tremendous connections through this thing. Through social media in general, really. I mean, you have to watch out for creeps and fakes for sure, theres no denying that— the internet is full — oh SO full of that, but work your way around the bad stuff and you can meet some really great people that you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Everyday through my inbox, messages, dms, and texts too, I am grateful for what the internet has brought me—- real friends, future friends, secret sharers, big news celebrators, shoulders to cry to, business opportunities, life opportunities, inspiration, and so much more.
And on top of it all, a place, my very own space where I get to look back through my life— through the ups and downs, the slip ups, the joys, and the quiet days in between— I’ve created a memory box to hold all of it—- and share it with all the amazing people who choose to read it along the way.  I hate the term “blogging”— or more specifically, “blogger”— I hate terms, labels, and box-placers in general— but I do love blogging. With a bad memory or sometimes selective memory, it’s nice to just scroll back and re-live the good and bad moments that have created this life. The moments that got me here— sitting on my daughters bed, while she builds yet another tower next to me, with my husband building yet another garden bed outside, and in my house that has become our home— a dirty home, in need of cleaning— but still a beautiful home 😉

I wonder sometimes what the new people coming in think about this story. Or how I feel about them coming in now, when everything is good— almost perfect, in my opinion. After the tears of mediations, breast feeding trouble, a sometimes loneliness, absolute single motherhood struggles, the problems with Alex— all front and open, the engagement, the break up, the miscarriage, just all the garbage that life can and will throw at you sometimes—– Coming in after all the bad (and a lot of other good) has passed. Almost a new place, definitely a fresher and upbeat place, but absolutely a continued story. How does my story read  when my past, my path (my struggles) are skipped over? Does it make my story seem less real without an open struggle? Does it seem more staged? Does less honesty bleed through? I hope not. If I could choose to erase all the bad (I suppose I sort of could) and keep this always a pristine flower filled place, would I? No. I like the struggles—the real life that can come through in blogging and sharing your story. Like I said, it’s brought me here. It is weird though. Like jumping half way in (or really, 29 years in— haha) to a real life story— catching up.When you meet people do you prefer them to only know the best parts about you? I’m sure the answer is different for everyone, but I’ve honestly wondered, what parts of your story would you make known? The necessary? Nothing at all? Would you just create your new story, starting now? Or would you be open about everything about you— the good and the bad? I like it all, no hiding. Trends fade, people move on, and it seems silly to constantly change who you are or erase a past. Because those who will care about you— will care about you with both— the good and the bad, and everything that is real about you.

Ohdeardrea has brought me a lot. A place for my story and my family’s story—– and a chance to grow in life, in friendships, and in general, through the amazing connections and friends I’ve made along this way.
And I know I said I have good news coming—- and I absolutely 100% do. I just have to get all my ducks in a row before I spill the beans— multiple exciting bags (or cans) of beans— to be announced.
Thank you for being part of my story, friends. New and old, you make my life better.
*I wrote this post last week, and between that time and now, I’ve had non stop troubles in computer land. I was at risk of losing thousands of files sitting in this computer (every file). There were lots and lots of tears—– and my computer, well, even after three trips to the mac store, is still not fixed. I’m not on my computer now, and I don’t know when I will be again, but I’m hoping to continue with the posts I’ve had in mind and a few more giveaways this week (one later today). But it’s just another very good reason why this place has become such an important memory box. As someone who never prints personal photos (it’s been years and years since I have), I’m glad I’ve kept my story here.


  1. I started a blog years ago that chronicles the birth and growth of my children. Hardly anyone reads that blog, so I don't worry much about what I write on there and what people will think. I love having that blog as a baby book of sorts for my children. However, recently I started another blog that chronicles our journey with our son, who was diagnosed with autism, and the healthy lifestyle overhaul that has aided in his recovery. That blog is much harder for me to write because I know readers will have a lot of judgement about certain aspects of our alternative lifestyle. I just try and keep true to our story and hope that others will respect that. You do a good job of keeping true to yourself here, and that's really all you can do. Keep up the good work!

  2. I've kept a personal blog for a long time that chronicles the birth and growth of my children. I love that I have that blog as a sort of baby book for them. But no one really reads that blog and so I never really worry about what I put on there. However, I started a blog chronicling our son's autism diagnosis and the subsequent healthy living overhaul or family has undergone to aid in his recovery. That blog is definitely harder for me to write because I am aware that people reading that blog will have judgment. Doesn't keep me from writing it, of course, because I love the community that comes out it. I just try and stay true to myself and our story and spread some good feelings all around. You do a good job of staying true to yourself. Keep up the good work!

  3. I just love reading your blog and taking a little look into your life. It's so well done.

  4. My fingers are crossed for your computer. That happened to me a few years ago, and I hadn't backed up my images recently … needless to say, my Macbook wasn't the only thing with a sad face.

    I adore your blog, and I think that, good times or bad, your voice is authentic and your point-of-view is yours alone. Keep on doing what you're doing!

  5. The Internet is a wonderful place to share and connect with people. I love that there are so many platforms for people to use in different ways. I don't blog as often as I would like to and it makes me miss my livejournal days like whoa, but it's always nice to use it as a place to write whatever is on my mind. I like to look back and see what I've come up with and where exactly my head was when I sat down to write a certain thing. Oh, blogging.

  6. Thank you for sharing this Drea. And thank you for sharing bits and pieces of your life through this blog! You definitely come across as genuine and real, and most of all, a hardworking and honest mama.

  7. I've just spent the last hour reading so much of your blog. You? You are amazing. You've also instilled hope in me that I haven't had in some time, so thank you!

  8. I am one of the new readers, I fell in love with your blog a few months ago. The colors made me come back time and time again. Your written word is simple, honest and at times raw. I like that, its what makes you, you.

  9. How I love to visit your blog Drea. All of your posts are so enjoyable, the everyday, the inspiring, the uplifting, the ones where I see how hard it's been for you and I admire how you've done so well. It's been wonderful following your story and sharing a little of your life. I like to keep a blog for the same reasons – a record of our lives right now. And it's surprised me how I've connected with people as well. An added bonus. I shall look forward to keeping on following your lovely blog.

  10. I love everything about this..I think it's easy to forget sometimes that the blog isn't the whole story, especially if someone's life is pretty much "perfect" now. Every single person has gone through hardships that have shaped them, and even if as a reader you don't know what those are, it's good to keep in mind..I hope you have a good week xo

  11. It makes me sad sometimes that i didn't start blogging sooner because i love the idea of a documented journal of my life. I try to write every day now and i find that my blog slowly begins to tell my little story. It feels so good when people tell me they like the little space i've created, and i really like it too. I like this world because i can gain perspective from people like you that i never would have met. So often i find myself reading your words and they feel like my own, it's comforting to know someone else feels the same about certain things and i'm sure many more. The blogging world is interesting but the connections it creates and the inspiration is provides far outweighs the jealousy, creeps and other nasty stuff. Keep it up girl 🙂

  12. Haha- I don't like the term 'blogger' either, for whatever reason 😉 I prefer documenter? Ha, I dunno. But I am just getting in to this whole 'blogging' (documenting…?) world, and I'm glad I've found your space. Thanks for being such a great inspiration!

  13. I've met lot's of people thanks to social media, especially in phtography dedicated sites, and some of them became real friends, even if I hadn't met them in person… yet. I consider them as real friends, mainly when I had real problems with my "real" friends and, even if we don't use the original site anymore, our relationships have grown thanks to facebook, texts and long emails and I couldn't be more thankful!!
    Now, some of us are starting a blogging adventure and we support each other. Talking about blogging always makes me doubt aout what to post, where to put the border between private and "blogable" but I must say that reading other blogs is helping a lot 🙂
    Keep going!!
    PS: excited with the new surprises coming!

  14. You are awesome girl and I love how candid you are. It's an inspiration, really! You inspire me to start a blog (almost 2 years ago) to record the beautiful life I lead with my amazing husband and adorable twin girls 🙂

  15. That's another reason I love my blog, and refuse to delete it even when I've questioned it's purpose. It holds so many memories and photos from the past few years.

  16. I love the good and the bad, and always the beautiful. Don't change, ever. Or just as you wish.
    Let the good continue above all xxx