I’ve waited a long long time for these days. Long before having a kid, I knew my favorite thing would be crafting with kids. I was a big crafter growing up. My life revolved around what I could make— even now, if I’m not doing something with my hands, my hands are lost and anxious. I grew up on craft parties— sleepovers of groups of girls coming to our home and a crafting table set up for the bunch of us, whiny, obnoxious, and loud girls to make things to take home together. I look forward to those parties with Marlowe—- but maybe less girls 😉 

For now, I’m SO so happy to have reached this point with Marlowe. More fun than, our lesson in patience: pom pom crafts. This is silly, and really hardly worthy enough to be called a DIY— but very much a fun toddler craft regardless. Don’t worry, ohdeardrea wont be turning into a DIY blog— but I realized we really do A LOT of diy projects around here, so maybe I should start documenting them (there were so many mis opportunities!)—- especially the ones that are more sentimental, like the ones with my growing colorful and rainbow loving kid 🙂

You’ll need: 
a small wooden box
an obscene amount of pom poms
wood glue 
*realistically a glue gun might be best, but a glue gun and a three year old still sounds risky, I’ll wait until she’s four.

SO, decide if you’re going to free hand it or stencil out an image for your kiddo. We chose a simple flower and I let her choose the rest. I tried to encourage her to stick with a four color theme pattern– she wasn’t having it 🙂 I oh so patiently put my ocd aside and let her put red a little to close to green in her pattern. In the end, I learned to let go and she made the most awesome colorful box. If using the glue gun, Do the top first, let dry, then do the sides. The pom poms are not super sturdy when drying. DO use a lot of glue, the pom poms will soak up glue like a sponge. 

Tada! Toddler magic and a very happy momma welcoming the days of fun kid crafting into our home. Can’t wait for the lanyard bracelets 🙂

(Marlowe’s dress / & her amazing lion pillow.)


  1. That's so fun! I've got loads of plain, boring craft boxes. Pom poms might be the answer!

  2. Right up my alley–I love pom poms myself! By the way, I have been mulling over that Land of Nod bedding for probably two years now, and seeing it on your daughter's bed, and the way you styled it, it makes me want it now!

  3. I love this! What a cute idea for Easter! Add a few chocolate eggs and VOILA! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I love this but I have a cat who gets (there's no other way to put this) horny for pom poms and makes a huge racket. 🙁 Still, so cute.

  5. Such a cute idea, my 4 year old would love this…thanks for the idea!

  6. love this craft!!! it is supposed to rain all day around these parts, so i may just hit up the craft store this morning for pom-poms 🙂

    • be warned, after you make this you both will want to cover more of everything in more pom poms.