I have, what I think will be a pretty awesome garden yard post planned in my head— it’s been in my head or a while now, but between computer crash-ings and bzz-bzz-busyness, our outdoor projects have been half-way on the back burner. I say half, because we still have a constant garden to tend to– but all the ‘extra’ progress has been slow. But we’re working on it! And for sure, the space is light years better than it was a year ago. The green is awesome, our plants are growing, but the extra colors need more uplifting, if you ask me. The mosaic stairs absolutely help, and a few painted pots too, but I’m always on the search for more here and there touches to make our outdoor space feel more like… home. We’re all looking forward to spending more and more time out there and we feel it coming more with every little touch we add 🙂

I teamed up with Fab today to bring you my favorite items…. which of course… all happen to be pretty garden based… and full of color! Fab is great, there are SO much bright and fun home design items— wants and needs! But really, I could lust over most of the products— these are just the ones that would be in most need, within our budget, and add the best pop or color to brighten our slowly changing space 🙂
1. this door mat, perfect to make a point, you ARE home!
2. the prettiest woven trivet, to match my flower lust— perfect for a hot pot of taco goods 😉
3. this basket—- no one is surprised. Every one (including Alex) has a basket obsession in this home, they’re just so multifunctional!
4. floral garden sheers— Alex looked over my shoulder and asked, “why don’t you have these?” I saw my friend Halle had a pair a few weeks ago, and asked myself the same thing. Now I know where to get them!
5. floral garden tools— again, perfection.
6. these plates! SO perfectly colorful for our outdoor meals!
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Other plans to brighten up our space include: planting more flowers, a touch of paint on our outdoor furniture, and hopefully, if time allows, sewing up some outdoor cushions! We keep falling more in love with our outdoor home 🙂 


  1. Outdoor spaces are wonderful aren't they. I've really enjoyed watching you work hard to transform yours, it's looking absolutely wonderful Drea. And I'm really impressed with all of the food you are growing.

  2. Not sure where my comment went so here goes again – Love the steps – I really like to see fun things that brighten up a space. Getting creative in the garden is a great!

  3. I love all of the floral prints! My boyfriend and I are starting to plot out what our garden beds are going to look like (they're already built, so we're talking produce here) and we keep looking to your raised beds as inspiration. So excited to grow and eat! 🙂

    The Rambling Fangirl