I’m debating creating a new series “almost a family photo” 

I spent the first half of last week preparing for a busy weekend. Mid way into the week, I realized my weekend was going to get a whole lot busier, after mixing up event dates in my head— and double and triple scheduling myself for things on the same day. My calendar is worthless. I should start a series on “what the calendar of an ocd non planner looks like” You know what is says under the tuesday box on my calendar? “TUESDAY” and under wednesday? I wrote “WEDNESDAY.” Yeah, I’m working on my list making and calendar planning. I spent the second half of the week living in flowers, and more flowers, helping my friend Alana prep for an Easter event for her church. We spent saturday morning with Halle, making flower crown after flower crown for some of the cutest little kids— and some big kids and adults too 😉 AND I spent the evening on a date with Alex! Dates for us are absolutely like a mystical unicorn at this point, so even though he’s been pretty sick this past week, and still hadn’t fully recovered, it was nice to just get out for a bit with him. (pictures not included).

Marlowe and I spent sunday at my brothers house celebrating baby Trudy’s first birthday! It’s so crazy to think back on Marlowe turning one— she was like a tiny human for me at that point— but with Trudy, I still see her as such a tiny baby. She’s such a peanut! It feels like just yesterday that Alex and I were ending our birthday day date just a bit earlier so I could go help with Trudy’s birth. Crazy. But here we are, a year later, with a one year old peanut and a loving, baby obsessed three and a half year old.

An almost sugar free, vegan first birthday smash cake!

bunny baby. 

we wanted to relive our christmas reindeer memories

 It’s not secret that I’m not a big lover of holidays over here, but I do like them like this. Sunday was nice. It was easy. Bunnies, food, more flowers, family. I like holidays like that— no pressure, no expectations, no extra work, just easy days filled with people I love. I can skip over almost every holiday without a second thought, but a birthday? Give me a birthday everyday to celebrate, they are the best. Happy birthday Trudy-dootie! 


  1. You're right, the secret is easy, laid back, stress free days. Otherwise it's no fun. It looks like you all had a wonderful time. Happy birthday little one.

  2. Such beautiful photos. Looks like such a great, stress-free day. Your hair has gotten so long and it's so gorgeous!

  3. Flower crowns and french fries = a pretty perfect combination if you ask me. Looks like you had a beautiful weekend!

  4. oh the family photo outtakes! I swear herding turtles is faster than taking family pics with everybody smiling, eyes open, and actually looking at the camera. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one out there with an enormous amount of "almosts".

  5. I just always love your pictures and all the bright colors and that baby Trudy is one gorgeous girl….those eyelashes, jealous!!! Sounds like a Beautiful weekend and I just adore that pic of Marlowe and Trudy, so cute…that chair she is in, LOVE!!!