I had way too much fun with this one…. more after cut——>

Some of us grow up eating mangos, some of us don’t. I didn’t. My brother swore he was allergic to them and I only liked berries. Marlowe, well she would choose a mango over a cookie, 100% of the time. Me…. well, depends on my mood I guess— and only if it’s a chocolate chip cookie, otherwise, I pass on the cookies. Realistically, there’s a lot of ways to cut a mango. We like this way—- it’s easy and not as messy as cutting the peel off first— and less mess is is great if you have a tiny mango monster living with you 😉
You’ll need:
-a well sharpened knife, pairing knife is preferable, but any sharp knife should do.
-a firm, not over ripe mango— it will be easier to cut one that still has a bit of firmness to it.
1. Sit mango up right, so that stem part is on bottom and fatter, fleshy part is to the sides.
2. Place knife just to the right or left of the center– about half an inch or so from middle and make a straight cut down.
*how far out will depend on size of mango, but about half an inch should be good.
*If knife reaches pit, no worries just slice your knife around— or right through, if you can.
3. Rotate mango, repeat on other side.
*you will have a cleaner cut with a larger knife, if that matters to you 😉

For the center piece/ the pit:
1. insert pairing knife, or other small knife just under the peel/skin of mango.

2. slice skin around flesh, just as you would to peel an apple.
3. peel off skin and enjoy fleshy parts as you would a candy bar.
nom nom nom. munch munch munch.

*how enjoyable this part is will depend on how fibrous your mango is. How fibrous your mango is will depend on the variety. There are 160+ types of mangos in the world. I’m a mango expert—- half kidding– ok really kidding. But seriously, I’ve tried maybe around 50+ kinds. (thanks south florida!) Did you buy a mango that was too stringy? Is it getting all stuck in your teeth and annoying you for the rest of the day? Try a different variety next time.Also: mango season is typically in May– through September-ish, you’ll find the very best ones then.

For the sides:
Here’s the fun part. Want itty bitty cubes? Or do you want big ole’ chunks? We typically do four good sized rows to create good sized pieces for popping in your mouth like gum drops but you can make as many of as little cuts as you’d like.1. take a pairing knife and make three even rows down into flesh of mango. Please please be careful and sure not to go all the way through!
2. rotate mango and make cross cuts into the rows.
3. grab sides of mangos and gently fold back until your pieces pop up.
4. eat as is (Marlowe’s favorite) or take a spoon and scoop out pieces for a fruit salad, smoothie, whatever!

Voila! Simple, delicious magic!

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  1. what a lovely post – so springtime-y. I actually had need of this information last night, so your post is timely. I must say that those shots of you cutting straight into your hand scare me. I once cut through an avocado that way and did some serious damage! be careful.

  2. My first boyfriend was from Guyana and his mother used to buy small green mangoes. She'd massage them in her hand like a stress ball and then poke a hole in one end and suck the juice out. I haven't had too much success with the kind of mangoes above, but it's a good alternative to the smaller ones!

  3. My main problem isn't how to cut the fruit, its how to pick a ripe one. I never know what a good Mango, or Papaya or Pomegranate or most tropical fruits is so I don't buy them.

  4. I love this instruction and you look really pretty. Hi to the itty bitty mango monster at home 🙂

  5. We peel the skin of the mango off with a potato peeler and then eat it like an apple 😛

  6. I love it when you post these little tutorials! And even better that it's as delicious as this – love mangoes!!

  7. Mmm, delicious mangoes, they're in a league of their own. I'm not keen on the stringy ones, but some of the non-stringies are utterly sublime.

  8. when i first started bringing mangos home, i was completely lost on how to get the flesh out! for some reason my brain couldn't figure out that the pit was shaped the way it was. now, after much practice, we enjoy mangos all the time! love them and they totally satisfy any sweet tooth!!!

  9. Yum, I love mango. Where we live most people eat them with chile-lime seasoning and it is DEADLY GOOD.

  10. wow – i bought 2 mangos 2 days ago for my 10 month old son. i had never purchased them before but they were on sale and looked great. i failed miserably trying to cut one up for his lunch and wasted a ton of it. this morning, i looked at the other one sitting on my counter and said to my husband, "i have no idea how to cut up a mango." "either do i," he said. so, yes, a very timely post. thanks for the tips!