“a heart, mama!”

It’s been a long time since we had a brunchday. Mostly because our mornings have been starting with me making dinner food—- or like marlowe has called us out on so many times “coffee is breakfast!” She’s right— we’re coffee for breakfast people. Big meals come later— and lately later means picking through big batches of food— noodles for breakfast anyone? But sometimes— Marlowe asks one of us ever so nicely for pancakes or waffles— and what are we supposed to do? Say no. Of course not, we make pancakes or waffles. (And I take photos for the book— just in case!) This morning, pancakes. Which actually probably I’ve decided won’t be in the book (even though they are delicious!).
After this we left the table a mess and all jumped up to run errands— and by the time we came back, we were hungry again—- so I made more food and we once again sat at the messy table, for lunch. We’re super neat and tidy people over here, but it’s nice to have those days where we all just leave it— and do something else, just because.
Marlowe is at a sleepover now and Alex and I are hungry like the wolves wanting breakfast, but waiting on blood work– but I’m looking forward to food for our bellies afterwards. And for me, I’ll turning in the first (two) chapters(s) of the book— because I’m an overachiever like that. (The first one is due!)
This weekend will be packed with work. But monday through thursday is a mix of work time, family time, and couple time—because it’s our one year anniversary! Crazy how fast this year flew by.
ps. That top photo up there? That’s early morning Marlowe and mama time. Every single night, with the most excited and eager to please face Marlowe says to me, “guess what! TOMORROW! I’m going to let you sleep and I’m going to WAKE UP DADDY!” The first night she said it, my face lit up and I smiled so big and gave her the biggest hug ever and said “Thank you!!!!” The next morning, she woke me up. That night, she said it again. The next morning, she woke me up. It’s now an almost daily thing 😉 Now I know better and I just smile in the morning, when it’s her and I and Alex got to sleep.Have delicious weekend, friends! I have empanadas, pasta, and pie on my weekend menu 🙂


  1. What beautiful photos! I love a good brunch day, lazy Sundays lounging around the house in slippers and pjs would have to be one of my favourite things x

  2. Beautiful girl and home, you have maintained it beautifully. I also prefer to make pancake in daily in the morning for myself and love to drink cold coffee.

    Finn Felton
    Kopi Luwak.

  3. I notice you no longer have the Top Baby Blogs box to click&vote on. I also have noticed the very intrusive new pop up ads. They are a real turn off.

    • ooof. yeah. I was trying to tidy up the site so I got rid of random buttons that have been there too long. I also signed up for a new ad site— I turned off the pop up option, but you'e now the sec on person to let me know they've seen one, so down it goes. Thanks.

  4. What's the secret to perfect vegan pancakes? I try and try but they never turn out right.

    • love. but really, I'm not sure, just the proper proportions I guess! What happens with yours?

    • it's actually mine 😉 and a bit too small for him! I'm not sure, but I think if you google kale shirt it should pop up!