As you guys know (and have heard a million+ times), I’ve been pretty busy around here. Besides the cookbook (!!) I have another BIG project I’m working on— I’ve been working on it for a few months now, lots and lots of planning—- and well, I’ll be sharing that new adventure, very soon. It’s a new territory for this space— but one that I know can and will be amazing. I’m nervous and excited (like I am with all new things), but it’s a dream that I can’t wait to share the details on soon. I hope you guys like this adventure as much as I do.

SO, while I’ve been busy busy, Alex has been working working on the back yard and Marlowe, well, I think she’s adjusting pretty well to all this extra busyness. She’s been helping out quite a bit (best taste tester I know), still building a zillion towers—- and I’ve been doing my best to keep her entertained by simple and easy crafts here and there. (pom pom box, anyone?) Lucky for us that we have an extra spacefor messes of all sorts—- sewing, painting, paper, yard, just overall MESSES (so many messes!) and now: food photos and toddler crafts. As many of you guys know, we don’t have a TV. That’s not to say, we don’t watch things, because we do. We have a netflix account that gets used every couple of nights where we can put mindless stuff on a computer. It just doesn’t happen often. And it’s very, very rare (think: never) for it to happen in the daylight hours. Soooooo, we’re working on that balance. On every balance, all the time. And hopefully I can keep thinking of fun projects that she can do mostly by herself. It’s always a give and take, but so far, these easy things have been working 🙂   
Also great to keep a toddler busy? A camera. As you guys saw last week, she’s bee quite the photo taker. I have a few more (think hundreds) of Marlowe gems in my camera and phone, that I’ll be sharing more of every once in a while. There’s a good amount of laughs when you see our (my) life, from her point of view.  😉 


  1. So excited for your news! Totally forgot about that pom pom box but I'm definitely doing that with my daughter soon. She colored that butterfly pretty damn well! So jealous that you aren't addicted to TV like I am. My daughter definitely isn't, but the minute I get alone time all I want to do is watch a million TV shows. Hoping the warm weather keeps me outside and away from it. Good luck with both your projects!

  2. We were watching the old Doctor Doolittle movie the other day and I thought of you. It has a be kind to all animals, don't eat animals message and is so colorful. Your daughter may like it. We watched it on Netflix, but I had it on VHS growing up. (Love your toddler crafts!)

  3. That's what we do here most of the time – a plain sheet of paper and lots of imagination is more than enough. Have a great day, girls xx

  4. It's good to be busy, and so lovely that M entertains herself so well. She is very creative, just like her momma.