Hi guys! Thanks for all your support lately, it’s been awesome 🙂 I’ve finally got around to (mostly) updating my FAQ / about section— though to be honest, I probably need some help on my bio and all bio type things 😉 You can check it all out HERE if you’re interested. Have more questions? Feel free to email me anytime 🙂 
I’ll also be answering more cookbook questions soon. And+plus+also, Lisa and I are putting together an Ohdeardrea Dreams Of India question and answer post too! 

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Yay! Have a great weekend!

left pillow/ right pillow (clearance) / couch (clearance, theres one left in red-ish) / top necklace / bottom necklace: mexico


  1. oh man, i'm so glad i clicked through to read the fag. i've been wanting one of those visor sun hat things but wasn't searching the right words! yes! i've got one on its way to me now!