I got Let’s Sew Together in the mail this week. I have so many mixed (positive) emotions about it. I mean, one, it’s freaking adorable. Obviously. But also, opening up Rubyellen’s book— the book of another blogger, who’s life I’ve peeked into for quite a while now– made me more excited for my own one day soonish to be published book. I opened up her book to see her beautiful daughters and my heart melted to think about opening up a page in my own cookbook to see Marlowe. 
I’m so excited for Rubyellen. Like I said, I’ve read her blog for a while now— and I’ve watched her family grow and their art projects grow too. I know how excited she must feel— and maybe nervous  (?!)  she must feel too! Unlike me, she managed to keep her book a secret until the very end– how I don’t know, but she did. But here we are, a long time after she secretly began working and the book is out— and it’s so beautiful!— So beautiful and filled with so much love. It’s been so nice to scroll through the book with Marlowe—-who made me read page after page of it and every time it seemed like she stopped paying attention, I would stop, and she would look up and say, “keep going, mama” and ask me to tell her about each little girl (and boy) in the book. Not only was I able to share the little I know about Rubyellens life with Marlowe, but also, I was able to explain to her— that just how Rubyellens daughters have helped her create a story of art and love, she’s helping me do that too— in the kitchen with food. 

I’m looking forward to days of more downtime, I’ve promised slower days to myself and to my family— come late summer and some of fall, there will be more time. Marlowe and I are both looking forward to days with more art projects– we still do them now, but one a day is never enough in our home 😉 But in the meantime, as nerve-wracking as these days can sometimes be, I’m trying to enjoy every busy minute of our day— because my book, just like Rubyellens, isn’t just about the final product, but also the love (with our family) that went into creating the projects and our story. 
Congrats Rubyellen, your book is magic 😉 Marlowe loves the jolly robot. And I’m personally excited about making a coo coo clock 😉 

You can buy Let’s Sew Together: HERE


  1. oh this is so incredibly cute. I only have boys but I might just have to get it anyways. I'm sure we could find something fun in there!
    thanks for sharing.