Think: turning your dream vacation into a reality. This idea is fun, but what is more exciting is taking that trip and figuring out a way to make it bigger, better and well, more worthwhile.  As someone who shares my life every single day, the idea of sharing a new adventure across the globe — with people, just makes sense. By opening up my dream trip to people who also share in the same wants and needs for real exploration, growth and adventure – I know a trip could be, well, more powerful.
I know this adventure is not for everyone. Between finances, families, and well, LIFE, these types of trips can be difficult. I know this, because I’ve been dreaming of doing these trips for as long as I can remember. But I know for some of us, this type of investment (time, money), really, really makes sense. Not to toot my own horn here, but this type of thought out and planned trip is hard to come by—- a once in a lifetime experience— something amazing. My love for art and craft is pretty obvious. Food and markets? Ooof, give me Indian food everyday. And my love for patterns, textiles, and all things handmade is beyond obvious—- it’s everywhere in my life. And let’s not forget color—- have you noticed my love for all things colorful? 😉

There are only a few things in life that I am willing to put my focus. Yes, I like and enjoy a lot of things—- but the things I LOVE, the things that are really worth investing my life in, they are limited. Like I’ve mentioned a few times, experiences will always mean more to me than just material things. Experiences define us and help us grow. I want to experience a lot in this short lifetime — as much as I can. With my family, with my friends, by myself, and with new people I can meet along the way.

Travel will always be high on my priority list, not the top (because that space is reserved for family), but really, really high up there. I don’t want to be a tourist. I don’t want to get on a bus and get off to only take photos of a world that still feels foreign. I want to experience the place I’ve traveled so far to smell, see, and feel. This new thing, project, adventure — well, it’s a big one, but from where I’m sitting, it’s really, really exciting! Something to experience, learn from, and grow from. Something that will be, is, and already has been worth it
I want to explore the world, as much as I can of it, and I want to do it with people. The people I care most about and with new people to offer new ideas and insights. I’ve gained a lot from sharing my life in this space, but one of the most meaningful things I’ve gained are better relationships and amazing experiences with the people I’ve met here (both in person and not). I want to do more of that—- and I want to do it in places that I’ve always DREAMED of exploring. Like I said, I’m aware this isn’t something for everyone, but for the people out there that feel just as interested in India and this travel adventure as I am—- this is absolutely something to share in.

This project began when I reached out to my best friend of 25 years, Lisa Kumari. As far as adventure and travel goes, there is no one I would put more of my trust in. Her father started Above The Clouds, long before Lisa and I were even born, and I’ve spent my entire life watching Lisa and her family travel across the world and back.
For a long time we imagined traveling together— but, life happens. Colleges hours away, me moving across the country (twice), that whole becoming a single mom thing— then taking care of a family. Her taking over a business and a million other things in between— you know, LIFE happens. So, yes, I  reached out to Lisa about travel questions and we got to thinking and talking … we got to dreaming. We talked and dreamed of places to go and things we would do, and well, how to make my seemingly distant ideas a reality. 

So here we are, after months of planning: two-weeks in India, with a small group of friends and strangers— soon to be friends— completely planned. Every exciting detail has been dreamed up, thought out, and we’re ready to go and excited to invite people out there who also want to share in this vibrant and inspirational experience.  Our trip will be made up of everything from city life to village life – including all of the best little-known secrets of both. And better than just visiting markets for textiles and handicrafts, we’ll be taking hands on lessons in pottery, block printing, tie-dying (and more) from the artisans themselves. Amazing, right? We’ll not only be exploring but we’ll also be buying from markets—- to join local chefs in their very private space, to learn how to make their (and our) favorite traditional meals. 
Lisa and I went back and forth for weeks to find the right hotels. I hate the idea of box hotels where everything is the same, to the point where you forget the magic outside your room, so after weeks of research, many searches, working with Above the Clouds‘ team on the ground in India and plenty of back and forth, we have put together, what we think is, quite an amazing list of hotels —- everything from smaller boutiques (my favorite) to some beautiful 5 star spaces. There will be daily (optional) yoga, family style dinners, and a million other fun, exciting, and magical details along the way 🙂 Oh, and I didn’t even mention the best part—- the dates were important to us— we planned this trip to align with the Holi Festival—-because well, color and a celebration of good? I’m pretty sure that could and would be the perfect motto for my life and the perfect marking for this journey. I’m beyond excited, this trip really has everything I could dream of and more. I’m excited to experience this for myself, with my best friend, and those who join us!

Are you interested in becoming part of this trip? Please visit the Ohdeardrea Above The Clouds page for more information or email Lisa ( directly to request our two week itinerary (February 28th – March 12th 2015). Space is limited! We hope you can join 🙂

*all images & video taken in India were photographed by Rubina Baig of INDEBO for Ohdeardrea Dreams of India

*song: Mehendi Rachi (feat. Mumford & Sons, The Dharohar Project)

Dreamed up in the colorful world of  ohdeardrea, curated by the travel experts, Above The Clouds


    • this coming trip is in march— but the last day to turn in the application is december 1st. And we only have one, maybe two spots left! If you'd like an itinerary, please email me and I'll send it over ASAP 🙂

  1. Amazing. It's like it's fallen from my dreams. It's the exact trip I've always wanted to do, too! I'm so happy to find you at design mom today! I'm so dazzled by this amazing trip (and coincidence to my dreams) that I have to take a breath and take it in!

  2. Oh wow, what an adventure! This is exactly the kind of trip I've been looking for, the dates match perfectly. Have emailed Lisa for some more information!

  3. Hey girl, so I've requested an itinerary and I've actually been in contact with Lisa via a few emails. I came back here to see if any commenters have officially signed up for the trip. I read somewhere that there's no exact cut off date to sign up, it's first come first serve. Do you know as of yet how many people are signed up and how many spots are left? I left a comment here already mentioning how shocked I'd be if I could make this trip happen (and believe me, everything inside me wants this). And since then I've read the itinerary, checked flight prices and even reached out to a friend of mine to see if she'd like to join (and she's in if I am!)…all that's left is having a for real talk with the husband. Here's the thing, we're currently supposed to be trying for a second baby and if we succeed this month (for example), then my due date will be right at trip time (obviously I couldn't go). SO…do I hold off on having baby #2 so that Mama can have a dream trip, once in a lifetime opportunity to do something CRAZY and completely out of my comfort zone? Sounds so selfish but maybe it's the good kind of selfish. I don't know. I'm not actually looking for an answer to that from you, just unloading a little. I've got a lot of thinking and figuring out to do…but how much time do I have to do it in is what I'm really getting at 🙂 -Misty

    • hey hey! I'm pretty sure lisa emailed you back on all this— but if you have more questions do feel free to email her or myself again 🙂 Thanks Misty! Hope you decide to come!

  4. This is so tempting. So tempting that holding off on another baby for another year may need to happen. I'm very curious about price and when everything has to be paid by… It would be such a dream come true!

    • I'm thinking you should def think about it 🙂 There's no set deposit date since we're capping number of people going, it's first come first serve— and applications and deposits are coming in 🙂 Total payment needs to be in by december I believe— about three months prior to trip 🙂 Hope you can make it!

  5. This is the type of trip that my heart craves. I am so new to blogging and reaching out to people through social networks. I have began to make some pretty amazing friends, and I think the whole "strangers- soon to be friends" thing is amazing. Plus I would love to do this before the internship year of my Master' program, so this would be extra extra special. I requested an itinerary!

    • This sounds like a perfectly planned trip to me 😉 Totally look into the details. I think you'll be impressed with the hotels (the links in the itinerary are for the hotels), food, and activities— not to mention the access to all the great places we have! It's something to budget for, but it's worth it for everything the trip includes! 🙂 I hope you can make it!

  6. Recently stumbled across your blog and I'm so excited that you've planned a trip to India. I guarantee you will have the absolute time of your life ! I live in Bangalore, a city in the south of India. If you need any help with your planning etc. feel free to ask ! I'd love to help. I hope you guys have a super trip !

    • Hi Shihka! Thank you! We're currently flying to the north— Rajasthan— but I'm hoping for the next trip to hopefully be in the south! I would love to stay in touch! 🙂

  7. This sounds absolutely amazing. I am already planning on going to South East Asia come January so might have to add this to the trip!!

  8. I just requested an itinerary…as if I could actually join! Ha. Hey, crazier things have happened. I've never traveled outside of the U.S. and I've always dreamed of it. I'd be in pure shock if I could actually make this happen. What would hold me back? My 2 year old. It's probably just not my time for adventures like this, which is why I follow you! I'll live vicariously through your trips 🙂 What a wonderful idea this is. Go, girl, go! -Misty

  9. Ah wow, I lived in India for two and half months and worked and traveled a little bit there and WOW I LOVE INDIA!! 🙂 You're going to have such an amazing amazing time, and flip India changes you hey, I live in Africa so see plenty poverty but nothing like India. Ahhh this trip sounds amazing!! Hehe just watch out for wearing revealing clothes unless you're at the beach, though I'm sure you already know:) Also, I never got 'Delhi Belly' the whole time but ate EVERYTHING, so long as I didn't touch the tap water I was ok, cause EAT just EAT like alot all the time and get fat really:) Ah wish I could come along, will be following all the planning tho:)

  10. I've tried to comment 3 times and my comment keeps disappearing! Gah! Anyway this sounds totally amazing. you will love India – I went there 5 years ago at the start of a trip through Asia and it was really life changing. India is one of those places that just gets into your blood somehow. I would totally love to ditch the husband and kids and join you :p Dreaming…

  11. Sounds amazing! This is the second post I've read about India today… must be a sign! hehe… I went to India in 2008 right at the start of my travels and it was life changing. I actually never had a burning desire to go there and was kind of scared but something made me go there – it's just one of those places. I swore I'd go back one day when I left. Quite tempted to ditch the husband and 2 kids for a couple of weeks and join you… hmmm!

    • I always consider those things a sign 🙂 Moms need a time to regroup and grow too 🙂

  12. Wow this trip looks amazing and so worth spending a tax refund on, haha. (Perfect timing for that too I must say). Are Alex and Marlowe going as well or were you going solo? Anyone bringing their kids?

    • haha totally! ours went to bills— next year, if this is a return, haha to a trip! Alex and Marlowe are not. So far, no, no kids. We're not recommending it. Alex and I have an agreement that when it comes to foreign travel, we'll either wait tip she's much older or take her to places we've already gone to—- unless we're staying with friends or family of course.

  13. So happy for you, you will absolutely love India – it's my favourite place I've ever visited. I went with my boyfriend in 2009, we spent 3 months in South Asia and I constantly just want to return. If you want to check our a few posts about where we went (mostly in the North but some in the south as well!) our blog we kept was

  14. You will have the experience of a lifetime! Just make sure you're somewhere in the North for Holi … down South, they don't really celebrate it! (We lived in Delhi for three years) Enjoy all of the planning, that's just a smidge of the fun!!

    • Yep! Between all of Lisa's trips to India and her entire India team— we have ALL those little details planned 🙂 Thanks!

  15. Oooo, fun!!! That is going to be amazing. I cherish every single one of my crazy trips and am already itching to dig out my passport again. I keep promising myself that after the wedding, I'll start tucking money away again! 🙂

  16. Wow! Wow! This is such an amazing idea. I have dreamt of going far and away forever. However, I have this adorable 5yr old side kick and I would want to experience it with him for sure. Are families welcome?

    • Because of the nature of the workshops and events we have planned, we're highly suggesting it's adults only. But we're recommending for anyone who thinks it might be a good idea to request an itinerary and decide for themselves. We'd just hate for someone to travel all the way to india and have to sit out on the workshops or night events!

    • Totally understandable! Price was very high on our list of things to consider when doing this— it's pretty much ALWAYS the deciding factor when I do trips big and small. We think we did a REALLY good job at putting together a reasonably priced trip— in the itinerary which you can request from the site or by emailing lisa ( there is the price and a list to what it all includes. Feel free to ask Lisa any specifics on details!

  17. I totally already emailed Lisa for information!! This would only be like the trip of a lifetime!! I can't wait to get all the info!!

    Amazing idea!! Strangers-soon-to-be-friends! I love it!!!

  18. this is AMAZING. i would LOVE to be able to take this trip, but it's not the right time. india is definitely on my list for the future. you're officially a genius–what a great idea!

  19. How exciting!! India has always been on my list of places to see. And I love the idea of learning about textiles and techniques from local artisans…and the food! Ahh-amazing! 🙂

    • I totally thought of you when putting this together! I thought you and your sis might be interested 🙂

    • Love it! Already requested the itinerary. 😉 Hopefully at least one of us can make it!

  20. loved the video, drea. i'd be all over this trip if it were likeeee 5 years from now. part 2 in 2020?

  21. Unbelievable! I'd love to come along! There are still so many questions and doubts but if you're on board Drea I'd love to experience it together! Are you going as a family or on your own? And can I bury you up with questions by email? 😉 xx

  22. This is so awesome! I went to India as a missionary for a few months when I was 19. It is the most beautiful place on earth. It's my biggest dream to get to go back there some day. You will absolutely love it. I promise.

    • If you guys can step away from the roozle for a bit, you two ladies should absolutely think about joining us! there's a few who have already gave us a definite yes, and so far the group of us is amazing. I mean, I'm biased, but I'm SO looking forward to spending time with an awesome bunch across the globe! You guys and your boston ways would be perfect 🙂