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  1. Wow, Drea, what a transformation! That hammock is so cool. I'm slooowly getting into gardening myself and it makes me feel quite grown-up, even if my plants are only still in wee pots ^.^

  2. So inspiring! Some projects seem so big when you start and then when you look back it's unbelievable how much you got done. We had to move our allotment 1.5y ago and starting from scratch again (I have lots of raised beds as well) aftter 10y on our previous plot seemed like so much work… But for a blog post last month I looked up some old photos and it was amazing to see how much we've accomplished.

  3. What an unbelievable transformation. It looks so great now and I love the hammock.


  4. It is amazing what a bit of hard work can do – well done to you all – it looks brilliant! I have just been tackling my garden with no previous green fingered experience….and can't believe what can be done with a patch of overgrown earth! A veg patch has been planted of course…and now I am getting far too excited about the little bits of green springing up! 🙂

  5. I love your garden !! And your home!! We just bought our new home and can't wait to put our own touches on it ! I browse your pictures for inspiration! You and your family are genuinely genuine Lol ☺ where did you get that cool hammock thing !?

  6. What a wonderful transformation! It looks like it's been a lot of work, but it's beautifulllllll! It's an amazing space.

  7. what a lovely transformation. it must feel wonderful that all of your hard work has materialized into such a beautiful space!

  8. Amazing and very inspiring! We did a small 4×4 raised bed this year but I'm hoping to expand next year. I will definitely refer back to your blog. Just beautiful!

  9. waow i never realised the changes you made were so big! It looks pretty amazing now and it seems like you can enjoy the outdoor much more than before 🙂 now i want a garden of my own – i live in an appartment at the moment… and i LOVE the hammock!

  10. We just ripped up most of our backyard garden to start new and it's inspiring to see the total transformation in yours! We're still waiting on good weather in Chicago to really get out there but I can't wait to spend most of my days working back there.

    Beautiful photos!

  11. Haha I love that picture with your little girl in the hammock. It's so cute how you can just see the top of her hair. Great garden!

  12. Wow, it looks amazing. Marlowe was so tiny! 🙂 It feels like just the other day.

  13. Its a beautiful space Drea and I know it will be incredible to have your own garden at your fingertips! Our two little plant boxes even go a long way:) This reminds me of my grandpa's back yard and I have many happy childhood memories from it!

  14. I've been kind of secretely following you by your newsletter (or how is it called) for a month or two, mainly because I LOVE your pictures, they make me a bit jealous of your life, even if I can't complain about mine 🙂

    Anyhow: when I saw this I felt I needed to respond because: LOVE what you did to the garden and (as it is with my garden) I can imagine your neighbours are very happy that it's a nicer environment now… my neighbours are 🙂 and I'm only half finished, so much stuff to do. You know the feeling.

    I love your hammock, wish I had one like that, I am currently in the market for one

    Anyhow kind of want to let you know that your pictures are so inspiring to me 🙂

    And I love the drainpipe herb garden (no pictures here, but I remember it from another post).

    Greetings from Belgium 😉

  15. Holy Crap! That is one impressive makeover! I remember when you guys started clearing the yard and it blows my mind how different it looks. All that work certainly paid off! I love every bit of it 🙂

  16. Wow! Love it! I too went with raised beds on gravel when designing my tiny back yard and I love it. I love how the corrugated metal raised beds look, definitely pinning to my garden board! Happy Gardening! 🙂

  17. Showing this to my husband and urging him to get rid of the grass and plant all raised beds with gravel between. He's worried that our three year old won't enjoy playing in the yard as much if it isn't grass. How does Marlowe like it?

    • She's totally okay with it! If we NEED grass, we go to a park—- she stills runs and plays (more carefully of course). My biggest qualm with it is the dog poop is more obvious— other than that we like how it's one less thing to worry about 😉

  18. this is fantastic! wow! you've totally inspired me to get back to my gardening. i have a few potted herbs but nothing like this. fantastic.

  19. the transformation is stunning & inspiring! i love seeing the love that's put into yards. you've created a perfect oasis for your family. my boyfriend and i are yard freaks too! we are so proud of the changes since we first moved in… i'm curious, what do you having growing over your pergola? we built one last year and we're trying out wisteria, but it has a long way to go before it covers the top.

    • honeysuckle—– maybe! We aren't completely sure— it def has a milky goo when you cut it— and it was definitely here and growing long before we came in. We talk a lot about growing something we can use (passionfruit maybe)—- but it's easier to keep what we have for now!

  20. Amazing! Wow I feel so inspired to get stuck into our garden again. After a whirl wind year with a one year old (you know what that's like!) all these things have been somewhat neglected.

  21. Beautiful! Now I'm gonna send you my address so you can come and help me! 🙂 Just kidding… kind of…

  22. Wow this really is incredible. You're such a damn inspiration. Also, loved seeing the photos of Marlowe growing. Congratulations on your life! You worked hard for it!

  23. SO amazing Drea! What hard work and effort you guys put it, I can't believe it! It turned out perfectly!

  24. SO amazing Drea! What hard work and effort you guys put it, I can't believe it! It turned out perfectly!

  25. SO amazing Drea! What hard work and effort you guys put it, I can't believe it! It turned out perfectly!