a new couch, the biggest home investment I’ve ever made. Except you know, for my actual home.
Marlowe’s friends like it too. dog pillow / doll

a random assortment / taco life.

a used and loved pom pom box
+ a pocket mirror, + a clip of some sort, + maggie and the sprinkle tree

another photo by marlowe, guava.
this couch, so many coffee stains.

floral goodness.

home projects.

I have never, ever seen her so excited for a package.  She is OBSESSED with her new shoes and I’m OBSESSED that there’s finally a vegan moccasin. I’d like some in my size please, preferably this teal color.
She put them on (two different colors) and started hula hooping with joy! Obsessed.

coconuts and blogging. A good combo if you ask me.

two new thrift finds and a basket stealing ballerina.
(thrifting is rare these days, but man I find good stuff when I go!)

avocado sandwich dates.

the most thoughtful note and gift (that I’m using every night!). Thank you so much Alexis! You’re so kind—- and such a babe.

I’ll be honest, I’m not looking forward to putting together my breakfast chapter. I feel many naps will be needed between recipes.


shake your coconuts.
boots / mosaic tiles


  1. Love the new couch! Breakfast is my favorite meal but I mostly just throw things into a skillet and cook them together and call it good. I can see how creative breakfast meals would be a challenge!

  2. I love this series 🙂
    You should do an e-course or blog post on styling photos and capturing moments…all your photos are beautifully styled, you have such an eye for photography!

  3. Hello new couch, we'll love you just the same!
    As I have finished my 30 day cleanse I will be stalking your old recipes, Drea for inspiration. Wish me luck xxx

  4. Lovely new couch Drea. I love the picture of Marlowe and Jerry together, they are so sweet. Yay for vegan moccasins. I hope you guys all have a really good week. CJ xx

    • It's anthro clearance (plus I had a 25% off discount from a past order)—- I think they have one brown left?