We get asked a lot where we buy our plants and other garden goods—- the places are endless. It can be as easy as heading to your standard home improvement store or as exciting as seed swamping across the country (sometimes, depends on your growing region of course!). Alex start a lot of the food you can see in our garden bed from seed. But a lot of our already bigger trees (read: still small, but larger than seedlings) are from plant sales! I highly recommend checking out your local botanical gardens for plant sale listings—- there’s a few perks involved, cheap family fun, lots of healthy plant options, and the opportunity to learn more! You’re interacting directly with the farmer/grower most of the time—- and well, you better believe they know what they’re doing. We’re beginners here, I’ve mentioned before how Alex and I have frequented farms and gardens long before marlowe, or how I’ve had a few tiny planters myself, but what we’re doing now, it’s much newer and bigger for both of us. We’ve learned a lot by asking basic questions at plant sales. You can learn more about local classes like bug solutions, sprouting, grafting, bee-keeping, and even photography. Classes are on my to do list, when I make more time— and/or when I retire—- only 35 years left 😉 But yeah, summer is coming! Check out plant sales for delicious plants, beautiful plants, fun and exotic hard to find plants! 🙂 


  1. The colours of those bright flowers…are they orchids? are beautiful, although clearly Marlowe isnt as excited as I am 🙂

  2. Such a beautiful photo of Marlowe in front of that plant with her of the picture. I love the idea of plant sales at botanical gardens. I'll have to keep an eye out for them over here. You guys are doing such an amazing job with your garden so far, I love reading your plant posts.

  3. I teach in a school that has an amazing horticulture program and at the end of every year they clear out the greenhouse for absurdly low prices. I'll have my hands full with plants next week hopefully 🙂

  4. I've just really started to get into gardening. I am a total newbie at it, but what I'm finding is a world of adventure! I just got some raised beds going and I need to get the rest of my dirt to finish planting. I also had a wonderful customer at my work come in and was giving away HUNDREDS of Dalhia bulbs. He told us to come buy and take all we could carry. Needless to say, I grabed a trash bag full. I love the community involved with gardening.