I teamed up with Elmer’s Paint Markers to this DIY— which is awesomely perfect because my friends Lauren & JJ are getting married next month! Actually, exactly a month from today?! I cannot wait— a guaranteed night out celebrating love birds and dancing with Alex? I’m ready—- which, actually— I should probably figure out what to wear. But in the meantime, here’s a really cute (I’m biased, but I’m seriously in love with these little flowers) and very easy wedding project I made. I think these flowers would be the perfect touch for a fun and bright spring or summer wedding. Alternately, you could use these little flowers as centerpieces or you could even make a (matching) boutonniere for the groom

Pretty enough to not look like a kindergarten craft project and crafty enough to add a little color pop and fun to a bouquet. And if you’re a flower man handler, like myself, these are great— and you can always ask your favorite floral expert to arrange them in a bouquet for you. Mine was out of town— but my flower man handling hands, still managed alright 😉

you’ll need:
white canvas, not much, maybe just an 1/8th of a yard at most
thick floral wire
wooden beads
glue gun/hot glue
painters neon bright paints markers and/or painters bright colors markers

how to:

-cut strips of canvas fabric about two inches wide
-with your paint markers, color strips, polka dots, swirls, whatever you want, just make it fun! (toddlers are great for this part)
-cut different shapes and sizes of petals. I personally think the smaller petaled flowers came out the -cutest and would be more versatile within the bouquet
-dab a bit of hot glue around formal wire and quick place bead on top to glue it in place
-once dry, take a flower petal put a smear of glue along bottom of petal and glue to wood bead
-repeat A LOT. over and over again.
-create your own handmade floral bouquet or place your hand made flowers within a real one.

TADA! get married, dream of a wedding, or kindly hand these over to your overly stressed soon to be married friend to use 😉

I don’t know if I mentioned it here, but part of me really hopes to one day have a real wedding— one day, not any time soon, but maybe a few years from now? I like the idea of Alex and I planning a party for all our friends and family to come celebrate with us. One day. One day. Until then, I’m just happy to celebrate us on the day to day and our friends with bigger celebrations 🙂

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  1. Found the link on A Beautiful Mess, this tutorial is amazing! I can't wait to make this bouquet!

  2. I can't get over how cute and clever this is. I'm thinking about making something similar for my studio now!