We’re no strangers to Kiwi Crate around here— I’ve actually sent a few out as gifts in the past (I mean, everyone loves gifts, but creative out of the box *or in the box, haha* gifts are where its at.)  It’s like a new surprise gift each month——except something that we’re guaranteed to want to do, something we actually learn from, and our favorite: it’s fun and creative.

We got a farm box this time around— which is perfectly convenient, isn’t it? Marlowe was excited with the last rocket ship/kite one we did before, but a farm?! She was VERY into it. Every friend that came after, she would show them her personal plot and said “I’m growing wheat grass! And radishes!” Now she has her own little farm inside her room, overlooking our yard/soon to be more garden space. And we have plans for building a theatre for puppet shows— and bringing her new puppets to Massachusetts to do puppet shows there too of course. 

Every time we get a Kiwi Crate (we get them from time to time, we don’t have a monthly subscription, though we probably should) Marlowe is on repeat mode, “can we do the box? can we do the box?!” and every time we sit down with one, Alex is always so impressed “these are so well planned and packed” — and for me, I’m just happy to have an excuse to sit down all together and do something fun that we probably wouldn’t have otherwise thought of. It’s also (really) nice to have everything you need in one box. That sounds super commercial— but seriously, it’s a convenient  box of fun. I truly do love everything about Kiwi Crate.
You can see a few of the most popular kiwi crates: HERE. I’ll probably get the shadow play one next, in hope that it aids with marlowe’s new-ish fear of the dark.
Want your own Kiwi Crate? You can save 25% off your first months subscription using discount code: drea25 ps. always free shipping on all subscriptions.
please note: this discount excludes sibling add ons. 
Yay, kid crafts! Seriously, my friend Alana and I were saying how we want to do fun kid stuff more— I told her, a kid is the perfect excuse to do it all the time. Love it.  


  1. Completely in love with this box. I checked out the rest and wasn't overly impressed. Would definitely purchase this one because you can keep it up as a decoration in their room after they make/play. Then they'll see it and be all proud they made it and that it was special enough to be displayed. Is this one just an old box, is that why it isn't on the site to buy?