We’re big on smoothies around here—- sort of. I mean, I kind of like fruity ones— but only when they’re in a bowl and loaded with other things. Otherwise, no thanks, just give me a mango. But if you’ve checked out my recipes, you know, I love, love chocolate or coffee based smoothies. They’re typically my healthy(ish– depending) replacement for sweets. I mean, this is what my third, maybe fourth??? chocolate or coffee based drink recipe?! I like playing around with variations—  or rather, I like finding new ways to make what I have in my cabinet taste delicious.
With this whole cookbook writing gig, I’ve been stressed to say the least (but I have a second post coming up about that)— and smoothies haven’t been a top priority in the morning, because I know I have a long day of cooking and eating in front of me. But on the few days that Marlowe is with a family member, and I know I’ll be spending the next 9+ hours sitting on the computer, working, I much much much prefer to fill up on something quick and easy, instead of cooking— because let’s be real, cooking is the last thing I want to do when I’m taking a break from cooking. (This now makes more sense to why Alex likes to eat out on his days off).I’m typically not a protein powder kind of gal. With the exception of pregnancy, protein has never been a concern of mine. Yes, even as a vegan. That being said, we do have a few different kinds of protein powders in the cabinet, for when the (rare) mood strikes— or when my meal choices have been lacking (I have a chip and pizza vice, sorry body— thank you active lifestyle and moderation).

And like I mentioned the other day, I like to multitask and I like things that are multi-fuctional— no uni-taskers please. My friend Juli sent over protein powder to try— and though I don’t think I’ll be drinking it everyday, it’s been a great, multi-functional add-in to my weekly schedule. This recipe, is like my morning maca-shaker, except way more deliciously indulgent (it tastes like a mint chocolate  milkshake!), and with a million (slight exaggeration) extra nutrients, probiotics, vitamins, minerals (which I had been middy concerned about my levels lately), and protein. Plus with the add in of oatmeal and dates, there’s tons of extra fiber. And it fills me up for-ev-er— so I don’t have to worry about real cooking until much later in the day— and I don’t feel like I’ve missed out or I’ve somehow neglected myself. You’re welcome, body.

Mint Chocolate Shake

-1/2 cup oatmeal (the quick cook variety)

-1 1/4 quarter cups milk*
-3 pitted dates
-a few sprigs of mint/peppermint (I used roughly 6 leaves)
-optional: 1 shot of espresso. If you can add coffee, why wouldn’t you 😉
-a blender or immersion blender.
combine all and blend until very smooth— if necessary, add a touch more milk for desired consistency (I like mine on the thicker side).  If you like your smoothies extra cold, be sure to not add freshly made coffee, it’ll warm the drink quite a bit!
*I use vanilla almond milk— you can use any milk, but I’m a fan of the extra vanilla. coconut milk would also be a great option. For the shake packet, if you are vegan, there are vegan and non vegan kinds so be sure to be attention when buying— I obviously use the vegan variety.

My friend Juli (508, worcester MA. represent) who sent over the shake for me to try— she is a seller of shakeology and a health and lifestyle coach. Juli helps consult people on the best program(s) for people to get back into shape and feel better on the day to day. She’s a good person to help people stay on track and accountable, and give a ton of support for people looking to live fitter, healthier lives. Yes, she’s pretty rad—- and super kind and friendly too— like, I never, ever remember seeing her upset in high school once– she’s the type who was always cheery and smiling. You go, Juli. If you’re looking for more info on the shakeology or finding a at home work out program, and/or need help creating an overall routine, then contact her— I mean, I know I’m biased, but she’d be a really great health and lifestyle coach for those who are (or might one day be) looking for one! &She’s offering a free one on one consult to all ohdeardrea readers!

You can contact her directly: Juliann.true@gmail.com or you can even message her via facebook.
Find shakeology: HERE

ps. it’s gluten free, nut free, and soy free for those of you with high allergies. woot. I haven’t tried the strawberry one— as I am a chocolate all the time kind of gal— but I imagine it would be mighty delicious mixed with coconut milk.

*&yes, I totally drink out of a whale straw. He’s awesome.


  1. Oh my goodness can't believe you have shakeology on here today! I love it so much I became a coach with the company too! It's a meal replacement and yes it's a good chunk of change for a month supply but it's all about priorities.. Thanks for sharing Drea! You can find me on FB or IG- Lynne Comunale

  2. I love chocolate smoothies that basically taste like milkshake. I use banana, cacao, peanut butter, dates and soy milk for mine. Sometimes we have it for breakfast and sometimes for dessert with a few chocolate chips on top.

  3. This looks delicious! Sadly I can't afford to buy the packets at $129. Is there an alternative, cheaper packet or recipe?

    • I'm sure you could sub it out for another variety— but honestly, at 4$ a piece (probably 5$ total when you add the other things) it's a pretty inexpensive meal. This is the only chocolate protein powder I've found/tried that isn't soy based, has more nutrients than just protein (it has spirulina and maca too) and it doesn't taste powdery. it's not "like chalk" according to alex haha.

    • ps. it actually makes like double the amount, maybe triple the amount thats pictured. I had just saved it in the fridge for later <3<3

    • Oh I'm sure it's worth it down the line! I just literally can't fit spending $129 at one time in my budget, I have to buy things little by little at the moment. I didn't see an option on the website to buy the packets a few at a time, just in bulk. And yes, most protein powders totally taste like chalk haha.