I showed everyone a sneak peek or my new colorful pop on instagram as well as on the blog. We’ve been on and off working on this wall for the past week or so— and I’m excited to finally show it off! 
I’ve talked about brightening up the garden not too long ago— With our house needing a new coat of paint, plus the white of the gravel, and so much green (it’s good, but still, so much green!), there hasn’t been a whole lot of color. I mean, lets be real here, in my world there’s rarely enough color 😉 
And now, with summer coming and our growing season coming to an end— our color is withering away even more. We’ll still have some things growing in our raised beds, but half our beds will probably be empty. Thanks to my friend aly, we have plans for some tomatoes (probably), sweet potato, and okinawa spinach though! Anyway— I digress— I wanted more of the inside color burst: outside. We’ve known our wall to the left is getting a potting table/shelf thing and we’ve known the wall to right would get something— but we weren’t sure what. We’ve toyed around with a lot of different ideas, but weren’t excited enough about any of them to follow through…. Until this idea happened! Boom, color! 

We started by making some simple kid art– you know, the kid and I. You can see photos and post HERE. Painted a few sticks, added some strings and seashells and hung throughout the garden. Super easy, and super fun for the kiddo.

We also drilled some wine boxes on the wall for plants. Make sure you find plants to fit your wall. Our wall gets A LOT of sun and not a lot of rain. Ferns may not have been the best choice– succulents would have done much better! But trial and error friends 😉

So what are those you ask? Are they ceramic tiles? No. They’re actually pictures of Moroccan tiles printed on aluminize circles. I threw the idea of hanging paintings on the wall to Alex before— he was skeptical— how long it would really last? Paintings? In the hot sun? Everything greys out there.

We’d still like to one day paint our home (pink) and perhaps ad a mural to the space— but for now, this was a great and long lasting option. Alternately, if you don’t want to buy the tiles (they can be pricey) I’d recommend painting some! How fun would that be.

Or you could even mosaic your walls, just as we did with our stairway! So we got to work, collecting pictures of tiles. Boom, color. Easy and fun to do. 

Things to brighten your space:

-kid crafts made with earth materials (try something like this!)
-bright decorative planters
-hanging plants
-wall tiles
mosaic stairway or wall art
-painted prints
-and of course: gardening! check out the garden how to section for ideas!

I’m sure some things will change here and there— new colors on the planters— more hanging plants—we’re always trying to add more things! But I’m pretty impressed by another easy and colorful change in our garden. The circles were just the right spark we needed on the wall. 

PS. the photo of me was taken by Hannah Mayo— a south florida lifestyle photographer— if you’re looking for photos, she’s been such a pleasure to work with— and doing our family shots for the cookbook! YAY!


  1. Ummm, I want your house. You and me have almost the exact same style. I love how fun your decorating is, so colorful and unique. 🙂

  2. They look wonderful, and it's a perfect fit for you! Also, I have a crush on your hair. It's so pretty!

  3. looks great! that pic of you by Hannah is so nice! fan of the blog! always read but never comment haha

  4. They're wonderful, what a clever idea. You've really transformed your garden, as well as that wall, it's all looking beautiful. The photo of you is lovely too. CJ xx

  5. Wow! I already loved how your garden looked, but now it's just wonderful! I absolutely adore moroccan tile patterns; what a great way to decorate an outside wall 🙂


  6. Love this!! I might just have to use this discount code for our new house (we're under contract – yay!)

  7. Love this!! I might just have to use that discount code for our new house (we're under contract – yay!)…

  8. Love this so much! I'm crazy about those tile patterns. I think I'll just come and camp out in your back yard… 😉

  9. Love this so much! I'm crazy about those tile patterns. I think I'll just come camp out in your backyard … 😉

  10. looks great! and only plant sweet potatoes if you want them to take over. because that's what they do. but i am sure you know that. xx

  11. Sponsored posts like this make me believe in sponsored posts. This feels so you– so true to what your blog, house, lifestyle, is all about. Any you did something with it that really gave me ideas beyond what their website shows. I think it's pretty awesome.

    • I'm a big and true believer that I will only post things that I would actually use. If it doesn't match, it's a no. I've been offered some pretty pennies by some big companies, but if it doesn't work, it doesn't work (sorry wallet). && thanks man, those are good words to hear!